Halloween 2012

We had a costume contest again at work this year and four of us decided to dress up like the bridesmaids in the movie “Bridesmaids”.  If you haven’t seen the movie you should go watch it now…it’s hilarious.  I was Annie, the one who had the bakery and baked the cake shaped like a carrot that said “I’m sorry”.  Since I like to make cakes, we decided that I would make the cake to bring to work to try to persuade people to vote for us…

Carrot-shaped cake

It didn’t work.  We lost.


Then we decided to take some pictures of us acting out scenes from the movie (these won’t make any sense if you haven’t seen the movie).  Our bathroom is kind of small but that’s me in the lower corner kneeling over the toilet…

The bathroom scene

And the road scene…the bride was technically the only one in this scene in the movie, but we all participated:

The road scene

We are so classy.








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