I’m an aunt again!

Some of this post has has been written in pieces over the past few days, so it may not flow too well 🙂

I’m an aunt again!  It’s been a long weekend full of emotion!  I’m indescribably excited – other than my own kids, this is the next round of babies (hopefully more to come) in our immediate family on my side.  Nervousness was another BIG emotion…I know what to expect and know that things can go wrong.  My sister-in-law doesn’t know what to expect, which I guess could be a good and a bad thing.  I’m terrified for her.  I remember how scared I was even while having my third – you just never know what to expect.  Having a baby is a complete miracle to me – I’ve read all the books that talk about what happens the moment the baby is born – all those things that happen in an instant that you just take for granted with the human body.  About that journey down the birth canal being the most dangerous journey of your life.  I think when you’re the one in labor, the pain consumes most of your energy and thoughts so you don’t have a chance to really worry and think about what could go wrong.  But this time I’m actually not the one in labor and it’s scaring me to death!  I don’t like to not have control 🙂

Anyway, I was out shopping Friday night while my mom was watching the kids.  I was at the stop light about to turn onto the interstate, right in front of the Maternity Center/hospital where my brother and sister-in-law would go to deliver.  I glanced at the hospital and right then my phone rang – it was my brother telling me that her water had just broken.  Ahhh!  He said it was like that scene from Father of The Bride where Steve Martin just goes into a panic and doesn’t know what he was doing.  I was doing the same thing – trying to drive and push the buttons on my phone to call my mom and my brain and fingers just weren’t working together!  So I came home so my mom could leave and waited on Michael to get home so I could leave for the hospital.

I get there around midnight or a little after and we wait.  And wait some more.  I try to sleep in the chair in the waiting room but it was too cold and uncomfortable and with that much adrenaline going through my body, it just didn’t happen.  The next morning things start happening and she starts to dilate and I’m really hoping that the baby would be born around lunchtime because I would have to leave at 1:30 to be home in time for Michael to go to work (damn retail jobs!).  Well, 1:00 came and she was almost fully dilated.  I don’t know why it was so important for me to be there, but it was.  I was devastated and it just broke my heart that I had to leave.  I was a mess driving home…probably a mix of no sleep and emotions, but nonetheless I just wanted to be there.  Thankfully when I got home, Cayden was taking her nap, so I tried to go to sleep.  I kept getting texts from my family saying that she was still in labor, but no baby yet. 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, no baby yet.  Since Cayden was up from her nap and the kids had eaten, I decided to just take them all up to the hospital with me.  A lot of our family was up there anyway, so we just all hung out in the waiting room.  On the way up there my dad texted me that they were going to do a c-section.  About 15 minutes after we got there we were able to go to their room and wait on my brother to bring the baby back.  So, after all that, I actually did make it in time for her to be born and got to see her for just a few seconds!

It’s hard to believe that 9 months ago me, my husband, my brother, and his wife were on vacation aboard Allure of The Seas.  Two weeks after we got home from vacation they told me that they were pregnant and I remember thinking that December sounded so far away.  But here we are!  I can’t wait to meet you Juliana.  I can’t wait to hold you and babysit and then give you back to your parents!  I can’t wait to spoil you and be a cool aunt!  Your cousins can’t wait to meet you and Cayden is going to absolutely love you.  She will think you are a brand new baby doll and will want to hold you and give you kisses and hugs.  She will be right under 2 years older than you and I hope you can both grow up to be best buddies.

My niece and I
My niece and I
My beautiful niece!
My beautiful niece!

4 thoughts on “I’m an aunt again!

  1. Loved the post.. And absolutely LOVE that picture of Juliana!! Its the best one I have seen yet! I can tell you its fun being the cool Aunt. I was for Ashley.

    The cool Great Aunt!!

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