It’s a limo!

The other night I was playing “Draw Something” with my son, Ethan (who is 8) and I was trying to guess his drawing.  He started out drawing two stick figures and then a line between them.  Then he drew a smaller stick person standing under the line.  It took me a minute and then I realized that the word could be “limbo”, but then I noticed there was only 4 letters to make a word out of.  I couldn’t figure out a 4-letter word so I finally told him that I was going to have to give up (he was sitting beside me watching me try to guess it).  He sighed, was obviously frustrated that I couldn’t figure it out, and said, “It’s limo, Mom!”  I laughed (which he didn’t like either) and thought it was pretty funny so I just had to post about it 🙂

It's a limo!
It’s a limo!

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