Cayden is finally starting to talk!

Now that I’m on my third kid, I’m finally keeping track of milestones that my kids make!  This blog makes that so much easier.  Cayden just turned two about a week ago and I was wondering when she would finally start talking.  Mackenzie was an early talker, around 18 months and Ethan was late, right at 2 1/2 years old.  Cayden has been doing a lot of babbling and will say “dada” and “mama” but nothing on command.  She knows exactly what you are saying but always answers with an “uh” sound and points.  Just this week she started saying words that I could understand.  I think the first was “wall” – Mackenzie actually taught her that one.  Last night she was eating some cheese and said the word “cheese” (in video below)!  Then tonight she pointed to the movie “Elf” and said “elf” like she has known it all along (she likes to watch that movie).  She says “on” too if she wants to put a shirt or pants on.  It’s so amazing hearing them learn their first words.  She has so much personality too, like rolling her eyes at me and crossing her arms in front of her and sighing when she is frustrated (also in video below).


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