Mackenzie’s 18-month ortho check-up (Scoliosis Post #7)

Yesterday we had Mackenzie’s checkup for her scoliosis.  From what I have seen of her back combined with her being more slack with wearing her brace, I was sure that the curve had gotten worse.  But I was surprised once again to hear that it had improved a little.  The doctor said it was 46 degrees even though the sheet says 44 degrees so I’m not sure which is really correct.  At this checkup she weighed 68 pounds (same as 6 months ago) and was 4’10” (which is strangely 1/2″ shorter than the last visit…don’t know what happened there).  The doctor said that the brace was doing what it was supposed to and keeping the curve right where it has been.  He said that if it keeps improving that we might can avoid surgery, but we’ll just have to wait and see.  I told him that I thought Mackenzie was outgrowing her brace because she is complaining about it hurting and it keeps irritating her back.  He said that they usually outgrow it when they have grown 3 inches and have gained 10 pounds, which she is nowhere near either of those.  We have an appointment with Hanger (who made her brace) next week so we’ll just ask them about it then.  The whole visit lasted about 10 minutes and then we were out of there.  Will update in another 6 months!

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