Mackenzie’s ortho check-up with new brace (Scoliosis Post #8)

Back in February when Mackenzie had her last check-up, we had a follow-up appointment with the company that made her brace, Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics, like we always do.  Mackenzie had been complaining about her brace and it was getting really hard to get her to wear it and keep it on all night.  I knew she was probably starting to outgrow it and that’s exactly what Hanger said.  So, they measured her to get fitted for a new brace and we waited.  We had an appointment with them to pick up her new brace and when we went to pick it up, they didn’t put the design on it that she picked out…it was supposed to have American flags all over it but it was just plain white…but we picked it up anyway and made an appointment with the ortho doctor for x-rays in the brace to make sure the new brace was working correctly.  That’s what we had done today.  The doctor seemed pleased with how the new brace was doing, even though her curve measured 8° this time in the brace.  The last time she had an x-ray in the brace it was all the way down to 2°.  Next week we go to pick up her “decorated” brace and then we’ll go back in another 6 months.  At least she has gained some weight, she is now finally 70 pounds!  She also measured 4’11” 🙂

In-brace x-ray 4/25/13
In-brace x-ray 4/25/13

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