Cancer never wins

You know that saying that people say, “he/she lost their battle with cancer”?  Well, that saying really gets on my nerves.  I used to not think twice about it but I recently read somewhere (I think in a blog…I haven’t been able to find it since) where someone was writing about how they didn’t like that wording either.  It doesn’t help that it seems like all I hear about these days are people being diagnosed with cancer, especially family members…and it really sucks.  I never thought I could hate a word as much as I do the word “Cancer”.  It  makes me cringe and I just fill with anger over how cancer affects a person, their life, their body, and their family.  Cancer is like a bully, picking fights with people no matter what their age is and no matter who they are.

One of my great aunts just “lost her battle with cancer”.  No, she didn’t lose her battle with cancer.  The cancer didn’t “win”, it lost.  It died and she is free now from pain and any suffering that she had from it.  That saying makes it sound like the person did something wrong, which caused them to “lose the battle”, but that’s just not the case.  Maybe that’s just the way I try to rationalize it to help myself understand things like this.  Ever since my nephew was diagnosed with cancer, anything cancer-related really gets to me because I take it so personally now.

While I’m on the awful subject of cancer, May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month.  Please pray for my sweet little nephew, who is fighting brain cancer, and is the #1 reason why I loathe cancer so much.  Cancer picked the wrong little boy to fight with!

4 thoughts on “Cancer never wins

  1. I am so sorry about your nephew. I went through chemo 8 yrs ago and I remember the whole time thinking not just how rotten it was for me, but how so much more horrible it is that kids get cancer. How SO unfair that is. How brave those amazing kids must be. It breaks my heart. You’re right, it’s a bully. And a parasite.

    And I hate *all* the terms that go with cancer.

    Prayers for your nephew, definitely.

    1. Thank you Kat! It is so unfair – to anyone that has cancer but especially innocent little kids. The only good thing is that he will hopefully not remember going through any of this when he gets older.

  2. Ashley, I hate that saying, too! It’s as if when someone is not able to rid themselves of the cancer, he or she didn’t “fight” hard enough. There’s a documentary called “Pink Ribbons, Inc.” dealing with breast cancer and the pink ribbon movement (if you will), anyway, they interview this group of ladies with stage IV breast cancer who talk about how hurtful this kind of win/lose, fight, etc. language is. Very thoughtful post!

    1. I’ll look it up and watch it – I still need to watch that documentary you were talking about – Forks over Knives! I started it but didn’t get to finish it!

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