Scoliosis Post #10

Last week we had Mackenzie’s checkup with the ortho doctor for her back.  She measured exactly 5′ tall.  I can’t believe that she is already 5′ tall.  Anyway, she weighed 69.5 pounds, which I think was less than her last checkup.  I guess I’ll just go ahead and make a list so I can see how fast she is growing:

August 2013 – Height: 5’0″ – Out of brace 50 degrees
February 2013 – Height: 4’10” – Out of brace 46 degrees
August 2012 – Height: 4’10.5″ – Out of brace 49 degrees
February 2012 – Height: 4’9.5″ – Out of brace 30 degrees
August 2011 – Height: 4’8.5″ – Out of brace 51 degrees

So, her curve is within 1 degree of what it was in the very beginning, 2 years ago.  The doctor said she is right on the borderline of needing surgery.  She is going to turn 12 years old next week and the doctor mentioned that when she goes through her growth spurt that the curve will most likely get worse (he said severe curves like that are much more likely to get worse as they grow fast).  So we’re continuing the battle of making sure she wears the brace and stays in it all night.  A couple days after that we went to see Mr. Jeff at Hanger (who made her brace) and he wants her to be in the brace for 10 hours a night… I don’t know how we’ll accomplish that but we’ll try.  So, we’ll wait and see how much she grows in 6 months and re-check then!

Mackenzie's spine 8/13/13
Mackenzie’s spine 8/13/13

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