10 Days Before Surgery

These past few weeks/months have been busy.  Trying to get through the school year, work, making cakes, vacation, birthdays, and anniversaries have kept my mind occupied.  But, now that I only have one more birthday party to get through (this weekend), it’s like the anxiety is starting to creep in more and more.  I hate anxiety.  There are constant butterflies in my stomach, I feel like I can’t catch my breath, my heart keeps fluttering, and I have no more nails!  I’m just ready for it to be here; I’m not doing well with the waiting.

I had planned on doing a few fun things now that the school year is coming to a close…things that Mackenzie won’t be able to do for a while, or ever again.  One place we were going to go was Sky High Sports, where the floors and walls are all trampolines.  One thing the doctor said that she won’t be able to do at all after surgery was jump on a trampoline.  So, I was looking forward to going there at some point before her surgery.

But, this past Friday, we got a call from her school nurse saying that Mackenzie’s toe was broken and we needed to take her to get x-rays.  When I saw her, her toe was just hanging to the side…it was definitely broken.  We went up to her orthopedic office that we go to for her back and they took some x-rays.  Yep, it’s definitely broken:

Photo May 30, 4 02 40 PM

Photo May 30, 2 03 14 PM

The PA that we saw said that she needed to reset the bone so that it heals correctly.  As soon as she told Mackenzie that she was going to give her two shots to numb her toe, she immediately started crying.  She got through the shots by squeezing the crap out of my hand…half the time she was crying and the other half the time she was laughing – I guess she has a weird reaction to pain!  After giving the shots a few minutes to numb her foot, the PA came back in with this little metal rod.  She put it in between two of Mackenzie’s good toes to use as leverage to push the broken toe back into place.  Mackenzie had no clue what she was doing, but it hurt me to watch!  That lady was pushing that toe against that metal bar as hard as she could.  After setting it, they did another x-ray to make sure it was in place and then gave her a boot to wear.  They wanted her foot to heal as much as possible before her surgery.  We went to pick up her medicine and went home.

The next morning I started to change the tape on her foot.  As soon as I started touching her foot, she said she didn’t feel good.  I looked at her and her face had no color.  Her lips were white.  Then, she started trying to throw up.  Thank goodness I don’t panic in those situations like I used to (when Michael and I first got married he passed out from slamming his hand in a car door and I was just running around and had to call 911 because I didn’t know what to do!!)!  So, anyway, I got a cold washcloth and just tried to calm her down.  After a few minutes we finally got the tape changed!  She said that her foot wasn’t even hurting when I was trying to change the tape, so I don’t know what made her feel faint.  Now, I’m worried that she’ll pass out at the hospital!

So, back to what I was saying…our trip to Sky High Sports is out of the question now.  And it really breaks my heart that we can’t go.  It’s silly how much it is bothering me, but I just feel bad that she won’t get to go there and jump.  At least it doesn’t seem to be bothering her as much as it is me.

Other than all that, we’re just waiting for next Friday.  We have a pre-op appointment next Wednesday, so I’ll update then!


2 thoughts on “10 Days Before Surgery

  1. Ashley you all will be in my thoughts and prayers as she has her surgery. I am so sorry that the Sky High Trip is not going to happen. I wanted to weigh in on her feeling faint or looking pale etc…. In my career when people get faint it was always before anything happened or the anticipation of pain, getting blood drawn, changing dressings etc.. It is basically like a fear thing a lot of time.. If it happens you always want to lie the person down flat and lift their feet to get blood going back up the top half of their body and the washcloth was good..something cold to drink with some sugar can help. Poor little girl. She will be just fine though and I will be praying.

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