Hospital Day #3

Day 3 started with the resident doctor coming to our room at 6am, just like yesterday.  I guess he likes to start his day really early talking to parents that are half asleep.  You know that feeling where your eyes are open but everything is blurry and you can hear someone talking to you but you don’t know what they’re saying?  That was me when the young doctor came into the room bright and early.  I’m sure I looked pretty out of it, but I’m sure he sees a lot of parents that look like that.  He said that today we would work on walking around some and that since she hasn’t been able to eat much, we would be here through today.  I asked him if she had a fever throughout the night and he said it stayed around 101.  He wasn’t concerned about it because they really don’t consider it a fever until it is 101.5.  He said it was probably just from her lungs having some fluid/congestion in them that she hasn’t been able to get rid of.  The spirometer is our friend.

Feeling blah
Feeling blah

Around 8:00am we tried to get her to eat some crackers so that she could get something on her stomach to be able to take pain pills by mouth.  It took a while to get through two Saltine crackers, but we finally did even though she kept saying her stomach would hurt every time she tried to eat something.  I got her up so that she could do an hour in the chair and while helping her walk, I ran my head into the corner of the wall-hung tv.  That actually got a laugh out of Mackenzie so I guess it was worth it 🙂

Around 10:00am she was able to take one Lortab by mouth.  She kept it down but didn’t want to eat anymore to take another pill.  Around 11am the nurse gave her Phenergan and that knocked her out.

I was worried about physical therapy coming in and trying to make her get up and walk the halls or something, but when the therapist came in she said that she had already talked to the nurse and since she had been having so many issues with being sick that they would let her rest today and that we would try again tomorrow.  They said that if she feels up to it that she could walk around some, but at the time I was saying in my head that there was no way that was going to happen.

Around 1:00pm she woke up and needed to go to the restroom.  She kept saying that it felt like a pill was stuck in her throat.  She kept trying to drink some water to help but she kept complaining about her throat, to the point of tears.  I got her back in bed right as the nurse was coming into the room.  It was a good thing, too, because that’s when Mackenzie said she felt sick and then threw up everything that could have been in her stomach.  I had been doing a pretty good job of holding it together until that moment.  Ever since surgery on Friday, it has been a rollercoaster ride going up a hill with everything gradually getting worse.  This afternoon was the top of the hill for me.  I thought today was going to be a better day and then BAM!, you get pushed a step back in the wrong direction.  I felt like no matter what we were trying, nothing was working.  All these people were telling me that I would be amazed at how fast she would recover but all I could think of was how slow the progress was going.

The nurse was going to let her rest for a little bit and then give her some morphine in her IV and more nausea medicines in her IV.

Around 3:00pm the Child Life Specialist brought in a greyhound therapy dog that they take around to see kids in the hospital.  She was so sweet and it actually perked up Mackenzie for the few minutes that she was in the room.  Then she was back asleep as soon as they left.

Around 5:30pm the nurse gave Mackenzie some morphine by IV and then asked Mackenzie if she could try to eat something to try some medicine by mouth again.  She actually ate a vanilla cream cookie (the whole thing) without being asked to finish it.  It actually looked like it tasted good to her!  Before then, everything she put in her mouth was just awful-tasting and it was tough to even get her to take a bite of anything.  She was awake more by this point and was actually talking some.  She was able to eat enough to take 2 Lortab pills by mouth.  While that kicked in, Michael and I went downstairs to get some food (family was in the room with her while we were gone).  When we came back up, we got her in the chair around 7pm.  This time getting into the chair was the easiest by far and she actually kept her eyes open while sitting there.  Before she always had her eyes closed because it was painful.  She still didn’t like it though and kept asking how much longer she had.  We asked her if she wanted to go for a walk in the hall and she actually wanted to!  So, we walked a short walk to the nurses station (which is just outside our room), but it’s a start!  She came back and got in the chair.


At 8:30pm, she was still in the chair and was asking to eat some of a rice krispy treat.  She even asked for her iPad and was playing on that, so that means she must be feeling better 🙂 She even told the nurse that her pain is a 3 out of a 10 (all the other times it has been a 7 out of 10 or 5 out of 10).  It’s now 10pm and she is still in the chair and watching tv, smirking during a funny moment, and has been awake for a stretch of several hours now.


She also told me she wanted to get out of the chair herself to go get her cup of tea.  So, I held her IV out of the way, she got out of the chair herself, walked over to the tray, and sat back down in the chair…all by herself.  This is huge, people!

I don’t know if the combination of Morphine and Lortab was finally what worked for her or if she just all of a sudden started feeling better.  I’m just glad she is finally starting to act like herself!

I think we are finally on the downside of the rollercoaster!


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