Hospital Trip #2, Day #9

Mackenzie slept pretty well last night, thank goodness.  I woke up when Dr. Wormer came in this morning around 6:30.  He said that everything looked good, her belly looked good, and when he saw that the canister only had about 200ml in it, he said that was very good.  Right now it is 11am and it has 300ml in it (that’s over the past 15 hours).  Before today that thing would have already needed to be replaced because it would have been full!  So, that means that most of the stuff is finally going down the way it is supposed to.  It’s funny what you get excited about in the hospital…stomach juices, pooping, peeing, passing gas!  You should all thank your intestines for working properly because it sucks when they don’t!  Mackenzie asked the doctor when she could have water and he said that they are going to take it very slowly to make sure they don’t overwhelm her intestines and that it would probably be tomorrow or so before she could start drinking.  Mackenzie didn’t like that response at all.  He said that if everything keeps going well, that they would be able to take the tube out tomorrow as well.

The nurse said that today physical therapy would come by and either do exercises in the bed or get her up in the chair, depending on how she feels.  She also said that her stomach wasn’t making any sounds yet (which they kind of expected immediately after surgery) but hopefully it will start waking up soon.  When I woke up this morning I saw that Mackenzie had a wet washcloth over head and I got worried for a second thinking that she had been feeling nauseous.  When I got up and walked towards her she told me to re-wet the washcloth.  I wet it and gave it back to her and she started sucking the water out of it!  So, she tricked the nurses (and me) and has found a way to get little sips of water!

We had some visitors throughout the day and then Physical Therapy came in while they were here.  All the doctors filed in then, too, but didn’t say much other than to say that things looked good so far.  The PT plan was to get Mackenzie out of bed and into the chair.  Family stepped out and after a few minutes, the nurse finally got her up…which was tougher for her than getting up after spinal surgery.  She sat in the chair and everyone came back in, including her little sister that had just gotten here (who was crying and being difficult).  With Mackenzie being in pain at the moment, she wanted Cayden out of the room and snapped at everyone else to be quiet, which I completely understand…but I’m sorry to my family who felt like they should leave 😦 Everyone just left and I felt awful afterwards.

We sat in the chair for about 30 minutes and then she actually wanted to walk to get a washcloth by herself.  Then she actually used the restroom and finally got back into bed about an hour later.  All this was done with no nausea and no stomach pain, except for pain from the incisions!  I know from experience that the first time getting up after abdominal surgery is the absolute worst, so hopefully it will just keep getting better from here on out.  She was even joking with me after she got back in bed, so I hope to start seeing the old Mackenzie very soon.

In the chair!
In the chair!

It’s now 4:30pm and the stomach canister only has 400ml in it!  Yeeesssss!!!!  That’s about 20ml per hour (just so I can keep track of the rate tomorrow).  Hopefully tomorrow will be the day where she can drink something and get that tube out.

I got her out of the bed again around 8:00pm and that time was a little easier.  We sat in the chair about 30 minutes at a time, both times today so tomorrow I’m sure they’ll want us to sit for longer.  Maybe she’ll feel like walking tomorrow!


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