Week #7 on crutches

This week has been better than last week.  It started off with us going to my daughter’s band competition over the weekend.  It was in Cullowhee, NC, and it was a little chilly but perfect weather.  We drove up there Saturday morning, watched them perform in preliminaries, and watched them perform later that night at finals (we got 2nd place, yahoo!).  Awards were over around 11pm, then we drove to the hotel.  Around midnight we were finally ready to go get something to eat.  Our hotel was in Cherokee, NC, so my brother mentioned that one of the restaurants inside Harrah’s was open really late.  We assumed that the restaurant was separate from the casino.  Wrong.  We all walked in and told the guy that my daughter was 14 and we just wanted to get to the restaurant.  They wouldn’t let Mackenzie walk through so she and my mom went back to the car.  After much deliberation, the rest of us decided to go to one of the restaurants in the casino and bring back food for Mackenzie and my mom.  My dad, Michael, my brother and I walked back to the guy to get into the casino.  He waved my dad through and didn’t card him.  I saw Michael and my brother getting out their ID and then realized that I had left my ID at the hotel.  I told the guy that I didn’t have my ID and he told me that I looked under 30 and wouldn’t let me in!  He had just talked to me 10 minutes before with my 14 year old daughter.  I couldn’t have had her at age 7 and I don’t think I look under 30.  I know they have their rules but that was just ridiculous.  The others just gave up on going to get food because we got frustrated with him and weren’t going to give them our business.  It stunk in there anyway.  So, after even more deliberation we decided to go to Waffle House.  I think that was the 2nd time I’ve ever eaten at a Waffle House.  I’ve always turned my nose up at that place because I just didn’t think it would be good.  But it turned out to be one of the best waffles I’ve had, the hashbrowns were very good, and the eggs were great.  So, the weekend was great.  We stopped at a few places in the Blue Ridge Parkway to take pictures and had a nice drive home.  I used my crutches and wasn’t in too much pain.  The only pain these days is if I walk more than 5 minutes and the butt/thigh pain when I sit.

Monday night (9:30pm!) I had my follow-up MRI.  While I was waiting I asked them if I could fill out a form to get a copy of my images.  They said that the radiologist wouldn’t read it tonight but that I could get my images on a cd that night.  I was so excited that I would get to see them when I got home, at least then I could see for myself if anything looked different.  I was so nervous.  My dinner felt like it was going to come up at any second.  I had to concentrate on my deep breathing just to keep myself calm.  Anxiety sucks!  Anyway, I made it home and couldn’t get that cd into my laptop fast enough.  I found the images that lined up with my images that they read before and compared them.  They look the exact same to me – I’m not a doctor but I couldn’t tell a difference.  I was expecting this but it just caught me off guard – my nerves have been a wreck since.  Here are some images (9/1 on the left/top and 10/19 on the right/bottom):

Photo Oct 19, 11 32 42 PM Photo Oct 19, 11 33 29 PM Photo Oct 20, 12 05 37 AM Photo Oct 20, 12 06 23 AM Photo Oct 20, 12 06 52 AM Photo Oct 20, 12 07 06 AMEver since my MRI, I have not been a great patient and have basically been of the mindset of “screw the crutches”.  I figured I’m going to enjoy some time actually getting to walk before I had to be on them. The pain while walking is actually the best it has been since the injury but the pain when sitting and laying down has progressively gotten worse.

Fast forward to Friday afternoon when I finally heard back from my doctor, after hours and hours of not letting my phone out of my sight while waiting for him to call.  He said that he had hoped that my stress fracture would be all gone and healed up by now, but it hasn’t and actually looked larger to him.  He said that the AVN had not changed.  So surgery will happen for sure.  He said that while he is in there he is going to put a screw into my fracture since he will be drilling into that bone and wants it to stay stable and heal.  It doesn’t sound like I will have to be on crutches for the whole 8 weeks…he said around 4 weeks I can start trying to put weight on it and we will go from there depending on pain.  No driving until I am off crutches.  I asked him about restrictions afterwards and there are really none after I finally heal.

He told me to call on Monday to schedule surgery and to stay on crutches until then.  😦 I guess I will actually listen this time since I don’t want to make the fracture any worse!


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