Night before surgery

I forgot to update last week…it just completely slipped my mind.  The past two weeks have been the same as the last few as far as my hip is concerned.  Same pain when walking and same buttock/thigh pain when sitting.  After I had my last MRI, I finally got the final word from my doctor that surgeon is necessary.  The MRI showed no change in the avascular necrosis and also showed the fracture a little larger.  He hoped that it would have healed all up by now but that wasn’t the case.  Since we need to fix the AVN asap, he is going to put a screw in my leg at the fracture so that it will heal and so that the drilling into the bone won’t mess up the fracture even more.

Surgery will last about two hours.  It sounds like I will have one incision for the core decompression and screw placement and then a small incision where they will get the good bone marrow out of the back of my hip.

I’m so nervous.  I’ve not had an injury or surgery that has affected my ability to walk like this.  I’ve been taking advantage of the fact that I can walk without my crutches (even though I shouldn’t be) for the past two weeks so I’m not looking forward to being forced to use them.  They’re just a real pain.  The only thing I’m looking forward to is getting to relax.  And the IV sedation that I will get tomorrow 🙂

The doctor told me that I should be non-weight bearing for 4 weeks and then move to one crutch and then gradually move to full weight bearing.  And I can’t drive until I’m off crutches completely.  So, this week will be 9 weeks on crutches (11 since the injury) and then about 6-8 more weeks on crutches.  That will take me through the end of this year.  4 months on crutches 😦

I’ll start physical therapy in two weeks.  I don’t have a clue how that will go or how often I will need to go.

I’ll update after tomorrow.  Prayers that everything goes well!

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