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Ten years from now

I recently discovered a new website – They post a daily question and people can answer them. I’ve been occasionally checking their website for a good “post-worthy” question and I finally found one the other day…

When you think of your life ten years from today, what’s different?

Hmmm, that’s a good one. I’m not one to really think that far in the future. I am always getting on my husband for talking about the future because it always seems like he is wishing his life away. I learned early that the future is not promised, so as much as I may not like the present, I try to enjoy it while it is here. But recently I just can’t help but wish life would speed up a little so this Plinky idea was perfect!

Ten years from now I will be 41 and will have a 21 year old daughter (OMG), an 18 year old son, and an 11 year old daughter. I will only have 1 child with homework, I will only have 2 children in the house (maybe, we’ll see how that goes…), and if my oldest has her first child at the same age I did, I would be a grandmother!!!! That’s just impossible for my brain to comprehend right now. I will be able to sleep in, I will be able to go out at night past 8:00, and I will not have to plan my day around nap times. Hopefully my husband will have moved up in a job that he likes, we will be debt free, and I WILL be my own boss. I will be skinny and fit and will have already run a marathon. I will not have to watch Finding Nemo every night 🙂

Ten years ago I was 21 with a 1 year old. We lived in a small house but it was our home. A few months before I had just started work at a company where I am still employed today. We watched Monsters Inc. every night. Life was pretty simple.

A lot can happen in ten years; a lot has happened in ten years. Our family has grown, we’ve lost friends, we’ve gained friends. We’ve been through a lot and I’m sure we’ll continue to go through a lot. Sometimes it is nice to dream about the future but for now I’m going to enjoy my Saturday night with my husband and my baby and watch Finding Nemo for the 12,493rd time.