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Week #3 on crutches

  • I am finally starting to see some improvement in the hip pain.  There’s no more sharp pain when I first stand up.  There is still pain when I lift my right leg, but it’s not the sharp pain it was before.  When I cheat and walk some, there is much less of the sharp pain.  So, overall, the sharp pain is getting better.  There is still pain when I put weight on my leg and when I extend my leg back after taking a step, and obviously when I turn wrong or have to unexpectedly step down, but it’s getting better.  I’m still having the sciatic-like pain on my right side even when I’m resting, which is weird, but oh well.  I don’t know what pain is coming from my fracture and what is coming from the AVN, so I have no idea which one is causing the different pains.
  • I’ve learned that some people are just rude.  Some see you coming and are so nice to turn around and open the door for you.  Others see you coming but don’t bother to help.  They see me struggling to keep the door open with the crutch and just stand there.
  • Comments this week from the bench-dwelling people of North Tryon:
    I was making my way down my block and in the distance I can see some guys sitting on a bench.  They are facing my direction, so they can see me coming from a block away.  This is one thing I hate most about crutches…you can’t go fast so people on the street just stare at you longer.  As a woman ahead of me passes by them, they say something to her and then turn around and watch her walk away.  So, I just knew they would have something to say to meAnd guess what? I was right!  As I was coming up to them, one guy said, “How much longer do you have on those crutches?”  I said, “4 weeks.”  He says, “well, come back and see us when you get off them thangs!”  Umm, once again, no thanks dude!  Time to find a new parking lot.
  • My hands have created these handy callouses on them, but my shoulders are really not liking these crutches.  I just hope I don’t injure something else while I’m trying to heal my hip.  My left wrist that I’ve had cysts removed from is really starting to bother me.
  • It’s really starting to bother me that I can’t just get up and go somewhere.  I’m almost desperate enough to just ask someone to go with me to the mall just so they can push me around in a wheelchair.  I really wanted to go out last weekend so I took Cayden and Mackenzie with me to the mall.  That was BIG mistake.  I made Mackenzie push me in the wheelchair, but 1) she didn’t want to push me and told me that I should be able to wheel myself around, 2) she kept trying to run Cayden over, and 3) she just wheeled me where she wanted to go since I couldn’t exactly get out and stop her.  So I spent the whole time either telling Cayden to stop running away from us or fussing at Mackenzie for being a grumpy teenager.  It would have been less exhausting to just go walk the mall on crutches by myself.
  • I’ve learned that I can only have a select wardrobe while on crutches.  No shirts with sleeves…they will ride up and show my stomach and love handles, things that the public does not want to see.  No pants that are even the least bit loose…something about not moving your hips while on crutches and your leg being bent just makes them start to fall.  I have to stop every few steps to pull up my pants and that’s just not efficient.  My butt crack is something else that the public does not want to see.  So, for now I will keep wearing different versions of long skirts with a tank top so nothing falls off or rides up.  But since I can’t wear a tank top at work and since I need some kind of padding between my arm pits and the crutches, I have to wear my denim jacket over it.  Then I have the perfect outfit for work…stylish and comfortable…who cares if I’m covered in sweat by the time I get to my desk because of all the layers, right?