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Week #2 after running injury diagnosis

  • Crutches still suck, but considerably less than last week 🙂
  • My arms are finally starting to get used to these things.  They aren’t sore anymore, but right now, walking 2 blocks at a time is about my limit (that’s how far I have to walk to work).
  • If I have to walk farther than that, I get exhausted pretty fast.  At the end of the day, I’m exhausted and can’t wait to lay on the couch.
  • I’ve learned that I have to watch out for slick spots on floors.  It has not been comfortable the few times that I’ve almost slipped and I had to put my right foot down.
  • I feel like the people that hang out on the benches on Tryon Street are starting to prey on me.  One guy tried to hit on me by saying, “You’re too pretty to be on crutches!”  And then a little farther down the street, a guy asked if I needed him to carry me.  I said no and he kept asking ,”Are you sure?  I’ll carry you!”  Ummm, no thanks!
  • I learned that I can’t skip a night of taking medicine before bed, or else my hip will wake me up multiple times.
  • The electric scooters in the grocery stores are a lifesaver!  So much better than walking around the store on crutches.

    Me on the scooter!
    Me on the scooter!
  • There is no point getting a drink to-go at a restaurant because I can’t carry it.
  • Today (9/17/15) is the first day that I woke up and took a few steps pain-free.  I know, I know, that’s cheating but I can’t help it.  After a few steps, the pain is back to the way it was before.
  • Right after my injury, the most sharp pain was when I first stood up and after the first few steps I took.  Then it eased off the more I moved.  If I rested for even a minute and then started up again, it would be sharp pain.  Now, it doesn’t hurt as much the first time I move, but it hurts worse and worse the more I use it.  So, I don’t know what that all means, but the pain is changing.
  • This week I’ve noticed more pain when sitting.  More in the back of my hip and down my leg (almost exactly like sciatic pain that I’ve had for years in the same leg).  Maybe all this has been related…hmm?
  • I started taking Fosamax this week (my pharmacy finally got some in stock).  The doctor said that I should be able to notice some improvement within a few days, but I haven’t noticed any yet.
  • The kids have been a huge help.  If Mackenzie or Ethan see me cheating, they will fuss at me and tell me not to move anymore until I use my crutches!
  • I’m getting very impatient and this is only the 2nd week!  I hate seeing the kitchen a mess or the laundry not done and not being able to do it.  Or if I try to do it, it takes 5 times as long as it normally would.
  • On the plus side, I am getting a lot of craft projects done!  I quickly learned that I needed something to hold my phone/keys/chapstick while using these crutches.  At first, I crocheted a little holder but I didn’t really like the way it looked.  So then I sewed this.  It’s a little more durable but the strap around the bottom comes undone too easily because my arm pushes on it.  So, I’ll be working on another version but this has been working for now 🙂

    Phone holder for crutches
    Phone holder for crutches