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Cruise Day #6 – 3/9/12

Today was a day at sea.  We ate breakfast and I found me a chair in the shade and read some of my book.  I napped some and then after doing pretty much nothing all day we went back to the room.  On tv, there is a channel that plays all the past events that they have recorded on the boat.  We watched the belly flop contest from earlier that day that we missed.  They had a guy in the contest with an outfit similar to this:

But just imagine the two straps going into one between the legs, just enough to cover what needs to be covered and nothing else…no shorts or anything…pretty much just one long band of spandex.  And the view from the back only showed the piece of material around the shoulders – the thong part was hidden somewhere in the butt cheeks.  And it wasn’t on a body like that, it was on a body like this:

So that was entertaining.  It was the 2nd formal night, so here are some pictures of us all dressed up:

Us at dinner

And our towel animal 🙂

Towel animal