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Best Thing Thursdays (9/20/12)

  • After spending three nights at the Apple store this week, I think my iPhone is finally fixed.  Tuesday night we went up there but I didn’t realize that you had to have an appointment.  Made an appointment for Wednesday night and the lady checked out my phone.  She said the battery was fine (the battery has been dying in about 4 hours without any use) and the volume down button had been sticking.  She said she would go ahead and replace my phone but then got out her little flashlight and looked down into the headphone slot.  She said that there had been water damage and if I wanted a replacement I would have to pay $159.  Other than being at the beach in humidity a few times this year, I know for sure there has been no water damage to that phone.   She said that something had been running in the background that had been draining my battery but that she fixed that so that shouldn’t be an issue anymore (my standby and usage time were the same so it was running something all the time).  Well, today I made an appointment for 12:50 and my phone was almost dead when I got there, so whatever they did last night did not work.  They did a different kind of reset today and I took it home to charge.  Since I’ve charged it over 2 hours ago, it is still at 95% battery level, so I think it is finally fixed!
  • No headache today!
  • I actually got to take a short nap!
  • Football is on…even though my local team sucks.
  • Tomorrow is Friday and payday 🙂

What was the best thing about your Thursday?