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Best Thing Thursdays (9/13/12)

I completely forgot to do this last week…been busy around here.  Some good things about today:

  • Today is the 16th anniversary of mine and Michael’s first date 🙂
  • My parents took Cayden to the beach tonight (I’m going tomorrow night).  I love that kid but it sure is nice to not have to deal with a toddler for an evening!
  • I was bad and got a Whopper from Burger King for lunch today…yum
  • We bought my oldest daughter’s first band instrument.  She was chosen to play the saxophone.  It was so cool seeing her so excited about it, knowing that her best years are ahead of her.  That in just 3 years, we’ll be going to band competitions and football games to watch her.  I just hope she stays with it and doesn’t give up.

What was the best thing about your Thursday?