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Hospital Trip #2, Day #2

Mackenzie finally woke up around 10:00am this morning.  She didn’t have any pain, which is great, and her stomach is still draining dark green stuff, which is not great, but oh well.  Two nurses that came in to the room looked at me and asked, “Are you her sister?”  I told them I was her mom and they said, “You look so young!”  That was a good way to start the day 🙂

So many doctors have came in to talk to us that I don’t know who is who…but, finally the group of pediatric surgeons that she is under the care of came in and said that the CT scan with the contrast dye will only be done if there is a need for it.  She hasn’t been running a fever, she isn’t in anymore pain, the tube is doing a great job of draining her stomach, and her belly is definitely more soft and less bloated than last night.  If any of those things change, they will quickly order a CT scan but for now he is very confident that her bowels have just not started back again.  He recommended her getting a PICC line to receive TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition, or feeding a person through IV).

I’ve had experience with a PICC line before…Cayden had one when she was a baby but for different reasons.  She had hers so that she could go home with us administering IV antibiotics.  Mackenzie will have hers to get nutrition through.  She is scheduled to have it put in at 1:00pm and the doctor wasn’t sure if she will be sedated locally or if she’ll be given something to feel sleepy.

The doctor said that since she has been without real food for 7 days now, that he felt it would be best to start nutrition through an IV.  He said the nutrition could be given through her normal IV, but that it would most likely wear it out because it’s too much for the regular IV to handle.  He said that since we don’t know how long it will take for this to resolve, that he would feel better about starting it now to get some nutrition in her to help her heal and be more nourished, rather than waiting a few days when she would be even farther behind.  Better safe than sorry.  He said it may could come out as early as in a day or two, but in the event that it needs to be there longer, it will be there if we need it.

Another therapy dog came by to see her – she was a sweet golden retriever named Paisley.

Paisley and Mackenzie
Paisley and Mackenzie

Around 11:30am the nurse came to get her for x-rays.  She did good…they took two standing up and one laying down.  We don’t know the results of those yet.  And again downstairs, another two two nurses looked at me and asked, “Are you her sister?”  And, “You look so young; you don’t look old enough to be her mom!”  I guess these compliments are coming at just the right time; I’ll take anything positive!

Here we were waiting for x-rays.  The tape on her face kept trying to come off!  There is a half-smile under there.

Waiting for x-rays
Waiting for x-rays

We finally got back into the room (after the nurse tried (and failed) to do a complete turn in the hall with the hospital bed and rammed into the wall…I’m sure that didn’t feel good on Mackenzie’s back). The nurse was hooking her back up to everything and made a comment that there was an impressive amount of stuff coming out of Mackenzie’s stomach…at 12:30pm she said that the total was 2 1/2 liters so far…

Her PICC line was scheduled for 1pm. The transport nurse came to get us a little after 1pm, and we ended up sitting in the holding area until 2:30. She was in a good mood, smiling, making faces, and laughing (as much as she could without hurting!).  For some ridiculous reason, the “cool” thing to do these days is make this ridiculous face where you tuck your lips in above your teeth, stick out your tongue, and make a double (or triple in my case, lol) chin.  So, she is always taking selfies of herself doing this face and always making this face at home.  Today, while waiting to get the PICC line in, she was making this face as doctors and nurses were walking by us.  I figured I would be goofy and do pictures with her, even though I look like a chipmunk.  It was making her laugh, so it was worth it!  The tape on her face was just hanging there at this point!

Silly faces
Silly faces

Right before they took her back, the anesthesiologist came to talk to us about everything and mentioned that they were going to use general anesthesia. Upstairs the nurse and doctors mentioned that they would use either local anesthesia or just something to make her sleepy. I questioned the anesthesiologist about this because general anesthesia from her first surgery could have caused the issue that we trying to treat now. He said that since she has a possible obstruction, they don’t want her to breathe in any vomit while she is asleep, thus needing a breathing tube, which I guess means general anesthesia. So, I’m worried about that but I’m hoping they made the best choice considering the circumstances.

Right before they took her back, they gave her Versed in her IV.  She immediately started getting giggly.  Here she is laughing as the nurse was taking her back!

Versed is awesome
Versed is awesome!

They took her back and we waited in the waiting area.  Only about 30 minutes had passed before the nurses came and got us on the way up to the recovery area.  She was still pretty asleep when we got to recovery, but was kind of responding to someone if they asked her a question.  We got back to our room an hour later and then about an hour after that she woke up.  The nurse said that they would start the TPN at 6:00pm.  Here is her “food”.  It reminds me of the ready-to-eat packs of food that my uncle used to have from when he was in the military.

Mackenzie's dinner
Mackenzie’s dinner

I was definitely afraid of how she would act once she woke up but over the past 5 hours, she hasn’t felt nauseous or anything (it’s 9:15pm now).  Her stomach drainage is still green.  We’re still waiting to hear the results of the x-rays…I’m guessing the doctors will talk about that on their rounds tomorrow morning.  I was a little concerned that she has only been to the bathroom 2 times today (actually over the past 24 hours), with as much IV fluids as she has had since yesterday evening.  I guess I’ll add that to my list of questions for the doctors.

I will update more tomorrow!