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Birthday weekend

Today is Mackenzie’s birthday.  She is 11…wow.  Getting closer to the teenager years and it scares me to death because she is already so hormonal and moody and smart and beautiful.  Bad combinations.  We had her party on Saturday, in the afternoon.  That morning (probably around 9am) I took away her and her brother’s iPod Touches because I needed them to clean up their messes around the house before people came over.  I told them that they could have them back as soon as they were done.  While on the verge of tears, her next words were, “This is the worst birthday ever!!”  So dramatic!  She should be an actress when she grows up.  I’ve just learned to ignore it now; I just hope it doesn’t get too much worse before it gets better!

The birthday girl

We had a good time Saturday night and had fun with family.  Her request for a cake was to have pink, yellow, and blue flowers with a green border, so that’s what I made:


And of course, I got an idea from Pinterest to dye the cake batter also, so we tried that.  The other end of the cake has yellow/green/orange but I didn’t get a picture of that side:

Inside of cake

She had a great birthday and got lots of stuff, including many different patterns of duct tape.  I guess that’s what is popular these days with kids…to make crafts out of duct tape.