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Photo of the day: #119 “Nest”

A few weeks ago, I bought some hanging ferns for our front porch.  Some birds decided to make one of them their home.  Here are some pictures of their nest from then up until today:

Day 1: – Found a nest in one of my hanging ferns.


Day 2 – We have 1 egg!


Day 3 – We now have 2 eggs!  Do birds lay an egg a day or something?


Day 4 – I guess they do!  3 eggs.


A few days after this, there were only 2 eggs 😦


…and then a few days after that there was only 1 egg.  I didn’t see the birds much, so I don’t know what happened.  But today, when I went out to water the fern, there were 4 eggs!  One of the eggs looks like the one that was in there from the beginning because it is all speckled.


So, hopefully there will be some baby birds soon!