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A Check Mark

Yesterday, I got to put a check mark beside something on my bucket list.  I went to see John Edward while he was in Charlotte on tour.  He’s a psychic medium in case you’ve never heard of him.  When my first daughter was born almost 12 years ago, I stayed home with her and every day I would look forward to watching “Crossing Over” with John Edward.  I loved that show and have always been very open to that type of stuff.  I don’t know what made me have the urge to look him up a few months ago, but I saw that he was on tour and was going to be near our town in June.  So I finally decided to buy the tickets and just go for it.  I knew I would regret it if I didn’t go when I had the chance.

We got to the hotel that the event was in before 7:00, which was when the doors opened.  We waited in line and finally got in and got in our seats around 7:30.  We had pretty good seats, we were in the fourth row from the stage.  The girl made some announcements and then he came out on stage.  It was so awesome!  He talked about himself, how he grew up doing what he does, and answered some questions from the audience.  Then he started his readings, going around the room from family to family.  Some things were funny and some things were sad.  I guess most things were sad because everyone there had at least one person connected to them that had passed away…and they were all hoping to “hear” from them.

He always says that if you’re meant to get a reading, then you will get one.  I didn’t get one last night, but that’s okay.  I think all the messages I heard from everything he was saying is what I was there to hear.  He talked about positive energy and being positive and stepping aside when there is negative energy…which is something I have really been trying to do over the last few months.

You may or may not believe in any of this and that’s okay.  I’ve had dreams where I know people come to me and it’s not just a normal dream.  Where I have felt this awesome, warm presence, like a big, giant hug, and then I wake up and see my great grandmother standing at the foot of my bed and then in an instant she is gone.  It’s been years since that happened, but it has stuck with me ever since. I don’t know what it is about hugs…(here I go, trying to analyze myself).  It’s like they are an intimate connection between two people.  Even though I’m a very shy person and it’s hard for me to show affection and receive affection, I love to be hugged…not by random strangers but of course by people who I care about.  John Edward was talking about connections between people and how some people just have stronger connections between them.  I completely believe that…it’s like when I went to Pennsylvania for the first time and hugged one of Jeny’s sisters…the feeling that I had then was something I had never felt before.  It was like a burning, warm feeling in my soul.  And when I went back to Pennsylvania a couple months ago and she hugged me, it was that same feeling again…just a really strong connection.  Maybe she’s just a good hugger and I’m just weird but I’d like to think that’s not the reason 🙂

One of the last families that John Edward talked to was a family who only talked about the good things that happened and tried to just ignore the bad stuff.  They just pushed aside the grief and whatever other issues were going on in hopes that the bad stuff would just disappear.  But it just doesn’t work like that.  One of the last things he said was to not be afraid to tell your family and friends that you appreciate and love them because life really is too short.  I heard several stories of regret last night where someone didn’t do something while they had the chance.  So, being in the mushy state that I’m in right now, I would like to thank my parents for everything that they have done for me and will do for me in the future.  And to my mama, I love you.  And to my daddy, I love you. ♥