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July 4th

I’m so happy to be publishing this post not from the hospital, but from the beach!  Sorry I haven’t updated since we got discharged.  After 18 total days in the hospital over two trips, we finally left the hospital on July 2nd, hopefully never to return again!  The doctors told me that as long as I felt like she was eating and drinking more, then we could go home.  So, the nurse took out her PICC line and we packed up everything and left!

Before her back surgery we had talked about going to the beach for July 4th and if Mackenzie felt up to it, we would go.  Well, those plans seemed like they were squashed as soon as we got admitted the second time.  But as soon as her stomach surgery was done, she kept talking about the beach and how bad she wanted to go.  As she felt better, she kept talking about going straight to the beach as soon as we got discharged!  We got home and started unpacking hospital stuff and then we packed beach stuff.  About an hour after we got home, Mackenzie finally pooped!  I was SO excited!  Then I felt a little less worried about the car ride; since her system was obviously (finally) now working. The car ride was the one thing I was worried about, but she reclined the seat back and was pretty comfortable the whole way.  We had to make a bathroom stop because her stomach hurt, which worried me, but we made it the rest of the trip without a problem.

When we got to the beach house, it was late and she kept saying her stomach hurt (which worried me even more).  She used the bathroom again and finally fell asleep.  I of course did some Googling and read that it was normal for some patients to have (TMI…) diarrhea after stomach surgery.  I was hoping that it wouldn’t last long because the last thing we needed was for her to get dehydrated and end up back in the hospital.  Thankfully, it had stopped by the next morning and she ate some food around lunchtime.  She was still a little hesitant to eat food, but by yesterday, she was eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner…and some snacks!  All without pain or nausea.  We went down to the beach and sat for a couple hours and then came back and she sat by the pool.  Late last night, we went back to the beach to watch fireworks.  We drove her back and forth to the beach on the golf cart, but other than that she sat up for a good part of the day.  Yesterday was definitely the best day so far.  This has definitely been a relaxing beach trip…we haven’t left the house except to go down to the beach.  It sure beats being in the hospital, though!

Ashley & Mackenzie
Ashley & Mackenzie

20140704 fireworks2

20140704 fireworks