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Week of July 4th

I went down to the beach this past Saturday to stay through the 4th.  Other than it just being HOT, we had a great time.  We spent several hours in the pool each day and ate way too much unhealthy food.  I drove back last night, which worked out pretty good because the fireworks couldn’t wake up Cayden in the car.  When we got home at almost midnight, nobody around us was doing anymore fireworks so everything worked out.

The night that I got down there, I went with my mom and sister-in-law to see the movie “Magic Mike”.  All I have to say about that is OMG…I’ll stop and keep this post rated G…

The 3 girls
1 of the 2 boys
Mackenzie wanted me to get a picture of her in the air

One day, Mackenzie was playing with a Rubik’s cube…and we all thought it would be fun to go buy one for each of us and have a challenge to see who could get it done first.  We could use the directions that came with it or any kind of YouTube video to help solve it.  I must have got extremely lucky because about 45 minutes later, I solved it 🙂

Rubik’s Cube solved!

The reason I said lucky was because I messed it up and tried to do it again and I’ve been stuck at the first step for 3 days now.  So, my goal one day is to be able to finish it without looking at instructions!

Mackenzie caught a little fish with her net and was so proud of it.  She wanted to keep it but I finally convinced her to put it back in the water.


The moon was full that night so we went out to the beach and took some pictures.  I tried to take some of the moon reflecting over the water, but these two were the only good ones I got.

Full moon
Full moon