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Photo of the Day “Weekend of Peace”


I’ve been really slack with my blog posts lately. I hope this post even makes sense because I took my pain medicine and muscle relaxer about an hour ago (more on that later) and last night it completely knocked me out. Anyway, last week, the store that Michael works at (Lowe’s Foods) got bought by Harris Teeter, along with many other store in this area. Unfortunately, a lot of people got laid off. Fortunately he did not. He was offered a job in the Gastonia store, so he had no other choice than to take it. It will be about a 45 minute drive, compared to his 10 minute drive now, so he is not very excited about that. But like his managers told him, “You should be happy that you have a job.” I really can’t stand it when people say that. Yes, we are thankful that he has a job but he can still be pissed about the way they treated him. That’s like telling someone who had a miscarriage that “it just wasn’t meant to be” or “you’ll have more children”…it’s just not something that person wants to hear when they are upset or mad.

So, thank goodness my parents took all 3 kids to the beach last weekend because it was perfect timing for some much-needed alone time. On Saturday I worked in the yard all day. I pulled weeds in the garden, cut the grass, raked the yard, clipped tree branches, got to have adult conversation and drinks friend long-time friend.

Sunday was our 12th anniversary. We ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then went shopping for more yard stuff. Kids came home that night and it was back to reality.

Monday I went to work and all day my back felt tight and tense. Every day after that it got worse. Thursday morning I decided to go to the doctor. I couldn’t take a deep breath, couldn’t roll over, couldn’t bend over, couldn’t twist, lift my arm back, etc. The doctor thought I pulled some rib muscles so he prescribed me some muscle relaxers and pain medicine. I took them for the first time last night and they are AWESOME! I could finally take a deep breath. I don’t know if I got hurt from raking the yard and then slinging the stuff in the woods or lifting up bags of mulch. I’m just ready for it to quit hurting. I’m having garden withdrawals!