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Scoliosis Post #11

Today we had Mackenzie’s checkup with the ortho doctor for her back.  She measured exactly 61″, or 5’1″ tall.  That’s 1″ growth in 6 months.  She did finally gain some weight!

February 2014 – Height: 5’1″ – Out of brace 51 degrees
August 2013 – Height: 5’0″ – Out of brace 50 degrees
February 2013 – Height: 4’10” – Out of brace 46 degrees
August 2012 – Height: 4’10.5″ – Out of brace 49 degrees
February 2012 – Height: 4’9.5″ – Out of brace 30 degrees
August 2011 – Height: 4’8.5″ – Out of brace 51 degrees

Her curve is back to what we started with 2 1/2 years ago.  We spoke to the doctor and he said she is still right on the borderline of needing surgery.  He said some doctors operate when the curve is 40 degrees but he is a little more conservative.  He asked us what our thoughts were with surgery.  The last thing I want to do is put my child through pain but I honestly feel that she’ll be better off in the long run if she has the surgery.  My side of the family has had issues with bones and spine/neck problems and if we all have problems with semi-straight backs, I don’t want to imagine what her problems will be like when she is an adult with a severely curved back.  Not to mention how her back looks.  I know that shouldn’t matter to anyone else but I can certainly see it affecting her as she goes through her teenage years and beyond.  I know it would’ve affected me.

I don’t see the curve getting any better.  Appearance-wise it looks worse to me.  The degree of the curve didn’t change much but it’s almost like her spine is turning and making her shoulder blades stick out even more.  The doctor then said that if we are going to do surgery that this summer would be the best time.  Given that her curve is this large and she hasn’t gone through her big growth spurt yet, he recommended doing it earlier so that when she does go through her growth spurt that her spine will be straight.  Earlier in this journey they did say that they were trying to wait until after her growth spurt, but I guess they were expecting her curve to improve over the last 2 1/2 years.  Unfortunately it hasn’t.

Photo Feb 11, 10 11 34 AM

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