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Week #6 on crutches

I swear that someone in the universe does not like me.  At all.  It’s just been one thing after the other over the past month or two.  I don’t know what I’ve done but whoever has a voodoo doll of me, please stop torturing it!

  • 10/9 – Feeling good.  My hip has been staying the same.  Still same pain when sitting and when walking after a few steps.
  • 10/10  & 10/11 – Went to a band competition and my cousin’s farm.  Lots of walking and going up and down stairs on crutches.  The crutches didn’t even bother me, but I guess holding up my leg for that long made it kind of sore.
  • 10/12 – I went in to work today.  I got there and my co-worker told me it was Columbus Day.  We left work that afternoon and I went to the mall.  I got what I needed and then left.  I was in my car in the left lane in my direction (it’s a 4 lane road).  I was going straight in my lane and there was a big SUV in the right lane.  All of a sudden I see this SUV coming into my lane trying to turn left across the road into Sam’s.  I tried to swerve left into the oncoming lane, but it wasn’t enough.  They slammed into my front right side and scraped my whole right side of my car.  I slammed on brakes and ended up in the far oncoming lane.  Thank God that no one was driving towards us at that moment.  I was just frozen, not knowing what happened.  I finally got out of my car and walked around to find the other car (they had kept turning into the Sam’s parking lot).  I asked the lady what she was thinking and she just said “I’m sorry.”  As soon as I walked back to my car, a mall security guard was walking toward me.  I asked her if she saw the wreck and she said, “no, but I heard it”.  She told me that she was in her car driving in the parking lot and heard the wreck and was afraid to look towards it.  By this time my hands are shaking so bad and my brain had just stopped working.  I couldn’t  remember how to look up Michael’s number at work lol.  I finally got through to the number and asked for Michael but then had to hang up because the cop started talking to me.  I finally got a hold of Michael and came to the scene.  I didn’t know this at the time but it wasn’t the mom that was driving; it was the 17 year old unlicensed driver.  I also didn’t know that anyone can drive in a parking lot without a license.  And just so you know, the road that goes around the Pineville mall is a private road and is considered a parking lot.  😦  But, anyway, she got her tickets, we finished up paperwork, and I went to the doctor to get checked out.
  • 10/15 – The appointment that I had been waiting for!  I talked to the doctor and told him how the past 6 weeks have been lovely 🙂  We scheduled an MRI for Monday night and he will call me with the results.  I asked him lots of questions since I was a little more prepared this time.  First I asked him about the differences in pain between AVN and the stress fracture.  He said that the stress fracture would be more sharp pain and would happen more when you lift your thigh up.  That pain has all gone away, so that’s good.  He said that the AVN pain would be more like arthritis pain; pain when moving and pain when stepping off of my leg.  I mentioned the pain that seems to have started hurting in my butt, on the back of my leg.  He said that is more like AVN pain.  So, I guess the pain I still have is from AVN.  I mentioned that from what I’ve read is that AVN doesn’t get better by itself.  He said that unfortunately that is the case.  He said that he expects to still see the AVN on the MRI.  He said that normally if they see AVN they go ahead and operate.  But, since I had a stress fracture, he wanted to give that a chance to heal before drilling into the bone and possible causing a bad fracture.  So, if the MRI still shows the same thing, he will schedule the surgery pretty quickly.  I asked him about something I saw on my MRI images, an arrow that pointed to something on the outside of my hip.  It is in the same spot where my hip is tender to the touch.  He said that the MRI report said that it was bursitis.  He also mentioned that it said I have a partial tear of the gluteus medius tendon, or something like that.  So, anyway, back to the surgery…the procedure would be a core decompression surgery, where he drills three holes in my femoral head and gets the dead bone out.  Then he will get some of my bone marrow/good cells out of another part of my hip, mix it with some cadaver bone, and then put that mixture back into my femoral head.  This new bone should grow back solid and will fix the issue (hopefully).  This means an overnight stay in the hospital and 8 more weeks of crutches – no weight should be put on that leg until the bone heals.  He said that we will become good buddies over the years because lots of x-rays/MRIs will have to be taken to make sure my hip doesn’t get worse!