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Week #4 on crutches

This week’s progress has progressively gone downhill.  It started out great and just went down from there lol…

  • Friday (9/25/15) – Just a day after my post from last week, I woke up feeling great!  It was like an overnight improvement.  When I got up in the morning I forgot I was injured for a few minutes.  That day was good, with the least amount of pain so far.
  • I was hopeful that the rest of the week would be the same, but ever since Saturday, it’s back to the same way I felt last week.  I don’t know if it’s all the rain making my joints hurt or what.  I definitely overdid it Monday at work and today (Tuesday) I’m paying for it (now it’s Thursday and I’m still sore).  My hip, butt, and thigh muscles are extremely tight and sore.
  • I’m definitely learning that this recovery is 2 steps forward, 1 step back.  And it takes a while to get to the next step.  And sometimes you go backwards and get really discouraged.
  • Rain isn’t fun on crutches.  If only my crutch could hold an umbrella somehow.
  • There’s no pain when I lift my thigh, there’s only a few seconds of pain once I let it back down and rest it.
  • The position of sitting on the couch with my legs to the right of me (bent at the hip to the right) and stretching my legs out still hurt.  Or if I walk around for longer than a minute.  I’ve also found that if I press on my right hip, it’s really tender.  I haven’t noticed that before.
  • I’m really, REALLY tempted to just “forget” my crutches at home.  I’m trying to be a good patient but it’s tough 🙂
  • I found a new parking lot for when I go into work and there have been no more creepy comments from the bench-dwellers this week.  Yay!
  • I read a funny article a few weeks ago about how crutches are the spawn of the devil.  One of the things on the list said, “No matter what, they will always make you fall at least once!”.  I thought to myself, “I’m going to be careful; there’s no way that I will fall!”  Haha.  I went to lunch yesterday with two co-workers.  Myself and one co-worker started walking to the restaurant when he realized that he forgot his wallet at his desk.  I decided to go on ahead because we were meeting another co-worker at the restaurant (and because I’m slow).  It was a good thing I got there first because as the waitress starts to lead me to our table, I put the crutches down to step forward.  As soon as the crutches touch the floor, they go shooting out to each side, out from under me, just like you would imagine a baby giraffe falling as it is first learning how to walk.
    This is what my crutches and I looked like as we fell
    This is what my crutches and I looked like as we fell

    It happened so fast that I don’t remember exactly how I landed, but it was mostly on my hands and knees.  The crutch to my left shot out and knocked over two chairs that were stacked up against the wall.  Three people rushed over to me and helped me up and when I stood up, everyone was just staring.  I could just feel my face and neck burning red.  Being the center of attention is not something I’m comfortable with!  I stood up and (stupidly) tried to use the crutches again – I slipped again before I even got to the table because the floor was really slick.  At this point I am in pain, really, REALLY embarrassed, and everyone is making a big deal about it.  I had to fight back tears and just suck it up because that’s when my co-workers joined me.  I told them what happened and they got a good laugh out of me explaining it.  It would have been pretty hilarious if I could have seen myself fall.    At least now it’s funny to me!  The waitresses and manager were really nice to me…asking if I needed ice or Advil or a beer.  I thought they would’ve given me a free meal, but no suck luck. 🙂  And here I thought this post would be boring this week!

  • Ever since my fall at lunchtime yesterday, my right leg and hip are even more sore.  I hope it didn’t set me back any.  This Saturday marks 6 weeks since my injury and today I’ve felt like I’m back in week 3-4.
  • Two more weeks until my follow-up appointment!  I just need to wrap myself up in bubble wrap until then.