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Week #3 after THR

Friday, 12/15

I started using the cane.  I’m definitely moving slower again, but that’s what the PA said.  I need to start trying to use my right leg like I would when walking correctly.

Saturday, 12/16

I had a little emotional breakdown today.  I was walking to the bathroom with my cane and my husband laughed at me.  I know he just thought the image of me using a cane was funny but it caught me at just the wrong moment.  I was so frustrated with the past two weeks of still hurting, still moving so slowly, still not able to do most things for/by myself that I just fell apart.  After I sucked it up, we went out – to lunch, to the Dollar Store, to Target, and to a fabric store.  By the time we got to Target I was really hoping they had a scooter for me to use.  The crowds out shopping were just ridiculous, but I found an available scooter.  Unfortunately, it died on me about 10 minutes later in the middle of the store.  So, I had to walk the rest.  I definitely over-did it with walking today.  The muscles in my hip and thigh were so sore.

Sunday, 12/17

My husband danced in our dance studio’s Christmas showcase today.  My hip was still so sore from all the walking yesterday.  We went out to eat afterwards, but for the most part I didn’t walk much today.

Monday, 12/18

Hip is still really sore from walking on Saturday.  I’ve realized that even just sitting in a chair or at a 90 degree angle makes my hip stiff once I start walking.  Walking with the cane is a little easier today.  The muscles still feel really tight and don’t want to straighten out when taking steps.  The incision still randomly burns  at times; it is still very tender to the touch.

Tuesday, 12/19

First day without prescription medicine!  Just Tylenol and Aspirin.  I’ve even taken a few steps without the cane, even though I still have a limp.

The rest of the week was pretty much non-eventful. Still using my cane. Sleeping is still one of the tough things. I can’t lay flat for more than a few minutes at a time or the muscles get really sore…it’s like a sharp burning sensation if I try to move my leg after laying flat. So I sleep on my back with two pillows under my knee.  Then I alternate to my left side with pillows between my knees.  I go back and forth all night lol