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Week #5 on crutches

Another roller coaster week…

  • 10/2 – My hip is finally feeling better after last week’s fall.  It’s back to the way it felt about 2 weeks ago.  I’m still not back to being able to take pain-free steps when I first wake up, but hopefully it will get back there soon.  Hopefully no more falls.
  • 10/2 – Friday night I decided that I need to “de-stress”.  I started in on the stash of beer in the fridge (I’m sure you can tell where this story is going).  I was sitting at the kitchen table with my music jamming, while coloring in my adult coloring book (these are really awesome, by the way). Foreplay/Long Time by Boston came on and I started playing the air drums with my colored pencils. I had a cup of colored pencils with the points sticking up sitting beside me. As I finished my drum solo, my left hand came down really hard on the pencils. My daughter, who always has her phone ready to take a picture, snapped this and wrote a caption:
    My pinky knuckle immediately swelled up started hurting.  At first I thought it was just a broken blood vessel.  But that night it hurt to move my pinky and use my hand.  I continued drinking that night, so it didn’t bother me too much.  Saturday, it was still swollen and starting to bruise, so I went to Urgent Care.  Since my bones haven’t been cooperating lately, I just wanted to get it checked out and make sure it wasn’t broken.  After explaining my ridiculous story and getting laughed at by the doctors, they did some x-rays.  The doctor came back in frowning.  She showed me the x-ray where the fracture was (in the 5th metacarpal bone – in my palm) and put a splint on my hand.  I was now forced to only using one crutch.  And of course the hand that was injured was the side that I should have been using to hold the crutch.  So, I awkwardly used one crutch from Saturday until Monday.  This worried me because if I had to get a cast, I wouldn’t be able to keep the weight off of my hip.
  • 10/5 – Appointment with the ortho doctor.  She said that it was a very small fracture and there was no need for a cast!  She said even if I would have had a complete, displaced fracture, that she gets her patients moving their hand at about 3 weeks.  So, she wanted me to start gradually using my hand and fingers.  She said that not moving your fingers/hand causes more harm than the cast would do good, and that the joint where my injury was protects that bone really well.  So, that was some good news.  At least I don’t have to explain that embarrassing story to people for the next 6 weeks!  Now I’ve just got to start trying to use two crutches again.
  • 10/6 – Even after having to use my leg for the past few days, at least the hip hasn’t gotten any worse.  It’s just the same.  I’m to the point where I’m getting really frustrated with this whole process!  It’s been almost 7 weeks.  It seems like it’s taking forever.  I keep doing these little tests to test if I’m progressing and it’s just really slow.  Walking makes my hip twinge with every step.  Jogging a few steps brings back the sharp pain.  And the hop test still reminds me that my hip is nowhere near healed.  I’m anxious for my appointment next week, even though I know I won’t know anything else and he’ll probably just tell me to stay on crutches since I’m still having pain when walking.
  • The hip pain is more in my buttocks area when I’m sitting.  It’s deep in the groin and feels just like the sciatic pain I’ve mentioned before.  It usually takes a long time sitting before my leg starts to hurt but this now happens shortly after I sit down.
  • The more I read about the core decompression surgery for the AVN (which everything I read now says that nothing makes it better and that it will only get worse over time), the more worried I get.  I’ve joined a few support groups online and read tons and tons of posts in forums (the forums on Bonesmart.org are awesome if you are having a knee or hip replacement) and very few people had success with that procedure, not to mention it’s very painful (more so than a replacement) and you have to use crutches for several weeks afterwards.  Almost all who had the core decompression had to go on to have a hip replacement in the next year or two.  So, I’m trying to prepare myself for the worst.  Which, of course, just fuels the anxiety.
  • One more week until my appointment!