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Cayden’s appointment

I thought we were through with this stuff, but I guess not 😦

Today we had Cayden’s appointment with her nephrologist.  The doctor pulled up the results from the culture that the urgent care place took and told us that it was a resistant bacteria, but not incredibly resistant.  She said it was resistant more towards penicillin-type medicines, but that it wasn’t resistant towards the antibiotic that she was on from birth up until a few months ago.  So that was good news.  She said that she couldn’t be 100% sure that she had a UTI but since she had a moderate amount of blood in her when they first took the culture, then they were going to say it was a real UTI.  The doctor said that the bacteria she had was something that is common in the gastrointestinal tract, so it was something that they have seen before.  She mentioned that if Cayden had stayed on the preventive antibiotics, that it probably would have prevented this infection.  So her recommendation was to put Cayden back on the daily antibiotics (as soon as she finishes this round of stronger antibiotic) until she is comfortable with potty-training.  When kids are potty-trained, there is less chance for bacteria because of no more diapers and also as the kids grow, the ureter stretches and grows more at an angle, making there less of a chance of reflux.  If she doesn’t seem interested in potty-training until around 3 years, the doctor said that we could try another trial of her going off the medicine, but we would have to wait and see how that goes.

I asked the doctor if they would repeat another VCUG since she had this infection and she really doesn’t like doing those to kids as they get older because she said it really makes kids take a step back when learning how to potty-train.  She said that if she has a breakthrough infection while on the preventive antibiotics, that they’ll think about doing another one.  But for now, she didn’t want to do another one.  We’ll go back for her next appointment (and I guess another ultrasound) when she is 2 years old.  Gosh, that’s only 6 months away…hopefully she’ll be my child to start potty-training early 🙂