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Photo of the day: #128 “Good news”

Photo #128

Today Cayden had an ultrasound of her kidneys and an appointment with her kidney doctor.  She didn’t like the ultrasound at all and was hysterical the whole time during it.  She has seen enough doctors in her lifetime to know that they are no fun and starts crying as soon as we walk into the room.  We got through that and then had the appointment with her doctor after.  They said that the radiologist hadn’t written his final report yet, but from what the doctor could see on the ultrasound images that her kidneys looked like they had caught up to each other in size and both looked normal.  He told us that we could stop giving Cayden her nightly antibiotics (YAY!!!!!).  I’m so excited not to have to do that anymore.  We’ve been giving her antibiotics every night since she was a month old and 90% of those nights were a struggle to get her to take the medicine.  I’m so glad that’s over 🙂

She will go back when she is 2 for another ultrasound as long as everything stays okay between now and then.  Yahoo!