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Urgent Care…our 2nd home this week

I got a call from the urgent care place tonight saying that Cayden’s urine sample culture did grow bacteria and that she did really have a urinary tract infection.  The nurse on the phone said that the bacteria that grew was very resistant so they were going to call in a pretty strong antibiotic for her.  Naturally I started to worry because the whole blood infection/meningitis thing when she was a baby started with a UTI and we’ve spent the last 18 months worrying if/when she would get another one.  I hung up the phone and then started to wonder if the rash she had was maybe not a virus but a sign of sepsis (I might read too much on Google but I know from experience that’s not something to mess with).  So I call the doctor’s office back to ask them if the rash could be a symptom of that and they told me they would feel better if the doctor could see us again.  So, we make the drive up to urgent care again…the record is now 3 times in 7 days.

The doctor said the rash looks like a rash that she would see with viruses and not like one she would see with sepsis.  So that was a relief.  Before we left home Cayden’s temperature was normal but at the doctor office it was 100.1.  The doctor kept saying that the bacteria in her culture was very “virulent”, which is why she needs such a strong antibiotic.  She thought it was strange that she would have a virus and a bacterial infection at the same time, but was guessing that her body was trying to fight off one infection and the other got in somehow.  Or that somehow the UTI caused a rash…she wasn’t sure.

We’ll have to follow up with her nephrologist on Monday and see what they say.  Why is it so much to ask that the urinary tract work like it’s supposed to for the females in this house?