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Weekly Writing Challenge: Map It Out

Draw a map of your life story. Show us where you were born and where you grew up. What were the most significant places in your life, and how did they change you? Give your readers a visual by including these places on your map to show in your post.

I really like this week’s writing challenge.  I love looking at old pictures because they bring back specific memories from when I was little and looking at pictures of the houses I used to live in have done the same.  I’ll just start with the first house I remember living in.  I think I was 3 years old when we moved here, right around the time my brother was born.  It was my most favorite house to live in – I don’t really know why but I just loved the house, the big yard, and the pool.  I don’t know if this was the style in the 80’s but there was a wall in the foyer that was all “tiles” of mirrors.  I thought it was so cool – the whole wall was just essentially a big mirror.  I loved my parent’s bedroom and I remember going in their closet and looking through my mom’s clothes and trying on all of her shoes.  I remember she had tons of shoes and for some reason I remember being in their closet a lot.  We had a nice playroom in that house with 2 or 3 heights of shelves that went all the way around each wall inside the playroom.  I think we had more toys than my kids do!  When you went upstairs in that house, it was just a long hallway and my room was at the very end.  I was always scared of the dark and would run as fast as I could down the hall and jump in my bed.  There was a big huge room upstairs that had no windows in it; I think we called it the “blue” room because the walls were painted blue.  We stayed in that room while we waited for Hurricane Hugo to pass.  I remember being scared and my brother just slept through it all!  We used to go over to the neighbor’s house across the street almost every weekend it seemed – my parents would play cards with them and my brother and I would go play Nintendo with their kids.  I remember my dad sitting me on the kitchen counter top right beside the stove on weekend mornings while he cooked french toast.  I remember falling down the stairs and getting the breath knocked out of me, and I think it still scares my dad to this day when he thinks about it!

We moved into this house when I was in middle school and it was a nice house.  We had a big basement where my parents taught line dancing some nights 🙂  The kitchen stands out in my mind because it was all black and white.  The wallpaper was really bold black and white stripes, white cabinets, black appliances, black and white tile floor.  I liked my room in this house and the view out the windows was nice (my room was the two windows on the top left).  There was a 3rd story that was pretty cool – I had one of my birthday sleepovers up there one year.  I loved sleeping in the bed we had up there – the sheets were old and so soft and smelled like home.  When I started having boyfriends in high school, they came over to this house.  One night some of my friends had spent the night and the next morning one of my friends had to go to a band practice.  Well, my now-husband picked her up at my house (we didn’t even know each other at this point) to go to practice and the first words he ever speaks to my mom when she answered the door was, “Don’t you think you might need to cut your grass?”  I couldn’t believe he would say something like that to a complete stranger, but that’s just Michael, he tells it like it is 🙂  I remember when my parents weren’t home, my brother and I would turn our sleeping bags inside out and get in them and slide down the stairs…oh, what fun!

We moved out of that house when I was in 10th grade and moved into an apartment while my parents were building their next house.  We were packed in that apartment for most of my high school years.  I remember my now-husband working at a restaurant right across the street from where we lived and he would come over when he got off of work.  He would drive over on his motorcycle with his hat on backwards and we would just walk around or sit on the porch and talk.  We would go bowling on the weekends and then go eat at Denny’s.

This is the “Mac Daddy” of houses – we finally moved in right before I graduated high school and I moved out almost exactly one year later when I got married.  The picture on Google maps is older and I think that may be some of us in the driveway!  This was a gorgeous, huge house.  During the short time that I lived there I remember riding to work with my dad (we worked at the same place) and getting in the car with my hair still in rollers.  I hated getting up early (still do) and would never be ready in time so I always finished getting ready on the ride to work.  In the driveway of this house is where I told Michael that I was “ready” to get married.  I will never forget that night – we went bowling with some friends and it was like something literally “clicked” in my heart/brain and I realized that he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  I told him in his black truck in my driveway when he dropped me off at home.  We planned our wedding and I moved out in June of 2000 and the rest is history 🙂