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Back in the hospital (6/19)

Yesterday was such a good day. I was just thinking last night that I could stop posting blog updates because hopefully things would just be great from there on out. Then last night before bed, Mackenzie complained of her stomach hurting. I almost went upstairs to sleep in my own bed for the first time since last week, but I stayed downstairs with her. I’m glad I did.

As I was falling asleep I could hear her whimpering about her stomach but there wasn’t much that I could do. At 1am she woke up and said she felt sick. She went to the bathroom and threw up. At 3am she woke up and got sick again. At 5am, same thing. At 7am, same thing. At 8am, same thing. I tried to get her to eat something but she didn’t want anything. I thought that she might just be hungry. I tried to get her to drink water, but she would just throw it up. Every time she sat up she would throw up. Her stomach was just constantly hurting.

I thought it may be from constipation so before Michael left for work, I went to get some dulcolax suppositories. Those were fun. The first one didn’t even stay in long enough to work. On the second try , she kept it in long enough but it didn’t work. I started to worry and called her doctors office. When they finally called me back they wanted us to try an enema. So my mom made another grocery trip for me and went to get the “stuff”. She dropped it off to us and I had to study the directions. Fortunately, I have never had to give myself or anyone else an enema before. It is not something I want to do again. I will spare you guys the details but long story short, it didn’t work. So I called the doctors office again. I’m sure their front desk lady knows me by name now! Anyway, I explained the situation and they said to head back up to Levine and that they would call and tell them that we were on our way.

I was worried about driving her in the car but this car ride went smoothly, too. She had thrown up just before we left so I was just hoping that we would make it to the hospital before she got sick again. We got there fine and got sent back pretty quickly.

The resident doctor came in and talked to us and wanted to do X-rays, an IV to get fluids in her, give her some pain medicine, and put in an NG tube. They took the X-rays (which came back as showing questionable blockage). It took forever to get her IV in – on the first try the IV plastic thing had a hole in it and then the 2nd try the vein just wouldn’t open back up. They finally got it on the third try.

Then it was time for the NG tube. I was more nervous than Mackenzie. They numbed her nose with some gel and then gave her some water to drink as they pushed the tube down. It took a few minutes to get it in the right spot but it finally went down. She did so great…much better than I think I would have done. As soon as it was in place it sucked up so much stomach stuff it was unreal. I take pictures of weird stuff like that so if you don’t want to see green stomach bile, just don’t scroll all the way down the post (at least that’s where I think my phone will post them). It took Mackenzie a few minutes to get used to the tube but a little but later she was feeling better. The ER doctor said that they were planning on doing a CT scan where they would put dye down her NG tube and see if it went where it was supposed to. But, when we got up to our room, the head
pediatric surgeon said that since her pain has been controlled since the tube was put in place, they probably wouldn’t do the CT scan. They are going to monitor her overnight and if she has pain then they will probably do it- otherwise they will just keep watching her.

The doctor says that as long as the tube is bringing up green stuff, then we just keep giving her IV fluids/nutrition. When her stomach contents get to a normal color (whatever color that is), then they will introduce food again, and then when she can tolerate that, we can go home. So I have no clue how long this will take. He said he has seen some resolve in 24 hours and others take weeks. We’re just taking one day at a time. I’m just glad we finally know what was causing it. Now we can move forward and fix it.