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Week #6/7 after surgery

I finally made it to the 6th week after surgery!

Last Tuesday I had my re-evaluation for physical therapy.  He said that I’ve been progressing well and that hopefully the doctor will let me start the process to partial weight-bearing.  He said that after the doctor gives me the “ok” then we can start doing leg raises and doing leg presses.  He had me do some of my exercises and then he started “desensitizing” my incision scar.  That wasn’t fun…

Last Wednesday I had my 6-week check-up with the surgeon.  The doctor came in the room and asked if I was ready to get rid of the crutches.  I said “yes!”.  He said, “well, let’s see you walk!”.  I was shocked!  I asked him, “without crutches?”  He said to use one crutch and walk a few steps.  I took a step and it didn’t hurt at all!  I have a pretty bad limp and my leg is weak, but I took two steps!  Then he told me to just stand and put full weight on both legs and I had no pain doing that either!  So excited!  I will see him in another 6 weeks and he will do an x-ray then to make sure the bone is still healing after I start putting weight on it.  I can drive now, too 🙂

Last Thursday I went back to PT so that he can start me walking on one crutch.  He changed some of my exercises and had me walk around with one crutch.  It felt really good and I had no pain when putting weight on it.  I even got to do 10 minutes on the bike!  I felt really good and was excited to be able to drive so I went to work after my appointment.  It was good to be back into the office and around my co-workers but It was a lot more walking than I’m used to.  By the time I got home, my calf and foot was so sore because I hadn’t used them in weeks.

Over the weekend I gradually got rid of my other crutch so I’ve mainly been walking with no crutch.  My calf and foot are still really sore and I can’t follow through the whole step because my lower leg is so weak.  I still have a limp.  I definitely can’t do stairs with two feet – I have to still take them one at a time going up or down leading with my good leg.  I’m so ready to be able to walk normally again and I’m getting frustrated to be progressing this slowly!  I know I will get there eventually but it’s taking longer than I would like.

I’m looking forward to having four days at home where I don’t have to do much walking.  Hopefully my muscles can recover some 🙂  Merry Christmas everyone!