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Weight Loss Journey…Day 210

I’m a few days late on my monthly weight loss update.  Honestly, I was pushing it off because I’ve been disappointed that I’ve gained a few pounds after losing a few at the beginning of the past month.  I thought it was due to the holidays and eating more than normal.  But, after taking my measurements this morning (and after remembering that I was able to buy size 10 pants a week ago after my size 12 pants were starting to get a little loose), the thought occurred to me that maybe I’m starting to actually gain muscle!  I started P90X a few days before my last monthly post but I’ve really only done a few of the videos so far and haven’t followed the workout calendar.  I would do an Insanity workout here and there just because I felt like I wasn’t doing enough cardio with just P90X.  I only got to run a time or two over the last month, but I have also been doing the 30 day ab challenge, push-up challenge, and squat challenge (although not every day).  By the way, in July/August I couldn’t even do one sit up.  While lying down I couldn’t even swing my arms above my head to get enough momentum to sit myself up.  Now I can about 40!  For the most part I’ve just kind of taken the last month kind of easy and just doing whatever workout I wanted on any certain day.  So, I was certainly pleased with my measurements and pictures (although there isn’t much of a change, at least it was a change for the better).

And I’m not going to post that awful “before” picture again.  I’m sure none of you want to see it again, but if you do, you’ll have to go to one of the previous monthly posts.  I’ll just post the previous month and the current month here:

November & December 2013
November & December 2013
November & December 2013
November & December 2013

Here are my 210 day stats:

Weight: 178 (loss of 48 pounds total since working out, loss of 58 pounds since March 2013)
Smallest part of waist: 33.5″ (loss of 7.5″ total)
Hips: 39″ (loss of 9.5″ total)
Chest: 34″ (loss of 7″ total)
Bicep: 12″ (loss of 2.5″ total)
Thigh: 21.25″ (loss of 5.75″ total)

Here are some of my goals to keep me motivated until I can just work on maintaining:

  • Lose 27.5 more pounds to get to my ultimate goal
  • Fit into my size 8 & 10 pants.  I started with size 18 and am now in size 12 :)Update 1/1/14 – halfway completed this goal!
  • Be able to see my biceps
  • Do 20 real push-ups at a time.
  • Hold the low plank for 3 minutes.
  • Wear a 2 piece bathing suit next year.
  • Run in a 10k.

Since I’ve been slack over the past month, today is going to be the day I start P90X for real and follow the schedule.  I’ve taken my before pictures and measurements so I’m good to go.  At this rate, I should be done 2 days after my birthday!  Hopefully my birthday present to myself will be some muscles and an almost 2-piece bathing suit ready body 🙂