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Photo of the day: #12 “Pillowcase Dress”

Photo #12

I was looking for some ideas on matching outfits for the kids that I could make and then get pictures made in the spring.  I came across a tutorial for an adorable “pillowcase” dress.  I guess the idea is that you can make it out of a pillowcase, but I didn’t.  Here is the link to the tutorial that I used:  http://402centerstreet.blogspot.com/2011/03/pillowcase-dress-tutorial.html

As I was saying, I was trying to find some patterns for all the kids for spring pictures, but as soon as I saw this dress, I knew it would be perfect to make for Cayden to wear at her first birthday party!  And I just had to make it…tonight. 🙂  I drew a “1” and cut it out and sewed it to the front of the dress.  Other than the “1” and adding a lining, I pretty much followed the pattern.

It’s the first piece of clothing that I’ve made and I love it!