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Hospital Trip #2, Day #4

I feel like I don’t have a lot to update about today, because nothing much really happened today.  Early this morning (I was still half asleep), I remember the nurse saying that Mackenzie can’t have any more candy or gum because it was making her mouth and stomach go into overdrive and produce way too much drainage.  It was also changing the color of it, so they couldn’t get an accurate amount of what her stomach really was producing.  So, I knew Mackenzie wasn’t going to like that news at all.  She couldn’t even have ice either today.

The doctors that that came in at 9am said that the fluid is getting lighter (which is good) but there is still a lot of it.  They ordered an x-ray to see if the NG tube was placed too low and was actually sucking up the stuff that was going down where it should.  They did the x-ray around 11am and sure enough, the tube needed to be moved up 10cm.  Mackenzie didn’t like that, but it was done in a few seconds.  Hopefully by doing that, the measurements will be more accurate.

While I got a shower, my mom gave her a pedicure (more like a half-pedicure…as much as you can do from a hospital bed) and hopefully that cheered her up a little.

Her nose bandage to hold her NG tube in place looks like an elephant trunk, so we propped up her stuffed elephant beside her and took a picture 🙂

20140622 Mackenzie, Ellie2

Around 1pm, her best friend came to visit her and she perked up a little.  She smiled a few times, which was great to see.  After she left it was back to her being all frowns.  This is the toughest part for me…her being so down.  This is not the normal Mackenzie…I’m so used to her smiling, laughing, talking, and acting goofy.  Now I’m getting a lot of eye-rolls and head shakes to everything I ask.  If she is tired of me asking her questions, she just closes her eyes like I’m exhausting her!  That tube is really getting on her nerves – it makes it hard to breathe through her nose, it hurts her to laugh, it makes it hard to talk, she is starving, and we just don’t know how much longer she is going to have to deal with it.  I would trade places with her in a second if I could.

We went for a short walk around most of the floor, but only after making her get out of bed.  She said that her stomach hurts every time she sits up or walks around, almost to the point of tears.  The nurse said that this is normal and that activity will only make it better.

My aunt visited and brought a water balloon with a face drawn on it to try to get her to smile:

20140622 Mackenzie with water balloon

Ethan, Mackenzie, & Cayden
Ethan, Mackenzie, & Cayden

As of right now, her container of stomach yuckiness is only at about 700-800ml, which has been over the past 12 hours.  That’s a big change from 1400ml over the same time period before that.  The nurse said that they want to see about 200ml over the course of a day for the quantity to be a normal amount.  Hopefully that will happen tomorrow.  As of tomorrow, we will have been in the hospital longer this time than we were for her spinal fusion…