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Hospital Trip #2, Day #3

The first people to come in this morning were two nurses (I think).  It was around 6am so I vaguely remember waking up.  I do remember watching them change her container that her stomach is draining into.  The container filled up overnight (which is a liter).

Then Mackenzie’s team of doctors made their rounds and said that since she is still draining a lot of green stuff off of her stomach, they are just going to keep watching her.  So, we’re just kind of chilling out in the room until her bowels decide to wake up.  I asked them about her x-rays from yesterday and he said that he did look at them and they look “okay”.  He said that he could see different spots where her belly is distended and different places where stuff is in her bowel, but not one specific spot where there seems to be an issue.

One of the ortho residents that works with Dr. Wattenbarger came in a little later this morning and talked to us.  He was saying that if Mackenzie wanted to walk around, that it won’t hurt, it will only help.  So, we’re going to try to do some walking today.  He was asking me what her team of doctors had said this morning so I told him that we’re just watching her today.  After the stuff isn’t green anymore then we will slowly introduce clear liquids, and then go from there.  He said that we would probably be here for a few more days, but he’s really not sure how long it will take.

Another therapy dog came in (I think we’ll be here long enough to see them all!), too.  This is Tetley, and she is a beautiful German Shepherd.  Michael will really be bummed that he missed seeing this dog (he has missed them all so far).  The owner said that she is actually from Germany and was trained to be a search and rescue dog, but she was too lazy!  The owner said that she was smart enough but would rather cuddle all day and lay around than do real work!

The doctor that works alongside Dr. Wattenbarger came in to introduce himself and tell us that he would be around if we need him (I think he said that Dr. Wattenbarger is out of the country at a conference learning about spine stuff, so he won’t be back for another week).  I asked him if they see a lot of these kinds of cases and he said that they aren’t common but they do see them sometimes and that it can either be caused by the actual movement of the bowels and muscles during surgery, from anesthesia, or from the patient lying on their stomach during surgery.  He said that it’s most likely from the latter, but that doesn’t make sense to me.  I sleep on my stomach every night for more than 4 hours and my bowels have never been paralyzed.  But, I’m not a doctor.

My mom was visiting, so I was able to leave the hospital to go to Target for some retail therapy!  I walked there…it was about a 20 minute walk and it was hot, but it was a beautiful day.  After being in a hospital room for more than a couple days, you forget what it’s like to be in the outside world.  I enjoyed seeing the little things…a couple getting married were doing pictures in the park, a big dog was splashing around in the water fountain, and kids were riding their bikes.


When I got back, Mackenzie had drawn a picture.  I was so excited that something interested her because she’s just been kind of down lately.  She is so hungry and frustrated because she can’t eat, doesn’t want to talk, doesn’t want to get up or do anything…which is all understandable but it’s just tough to keep my spirits up when she is so down.  The stuff coming from her tube looks lighter in the tube, but when it gets in the container, it’s still green.  The nurse said that it should be light green to more yellowish.  And it shouldn’t be the quantity that is coming out of Mackenzie.  By 5pm the nurse had to empty the (full) container again.  The nurse also said that her Magnesium was low so they were having to give her some by IV.

I got Mackenzie out of bed so we could walk around some.  We did a lap and then another quarter of a lap around the floor.

Walking the halls
Walking the halls

By the time she got back into bed, she was breathing pretty hard.  I don’t know if the Magnesium contributed to her breathlessness or not, but she was worn out by the time we were done.  The nurse also said that she could have hard candy and gum, so that made her happy for an hour or two 🙂

20140621 Mackenzie in bed2

Tonight we are just hanging out in the hotel room (as Mackenzie’s friend called it!).  Hopefully tomorrow will be an even better day!