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Weekly Writing Challenge: Mail It In

This is a weekly writing challenge that challenges bloggers to use the e-mail feature of WordPress to e-mail their post in.  One idea was to write an actual email to someone, so that was my choice since I always have something to say to this particular person…and for right now I would much rather say it in email than in person.

Dear Phyllis,
You are no longer “Ghingy” to me.  In my opinion you’ve lost any kind of respect that a warm and fuzzy nickname that I gave you when I was little should give to a grandmother like you.  You aren’t even a “grand” mother for that matter.  You’re not there for your kids; you and Gary are constantly lying to them.  You are so obsessed with Johnny and giving away all of your money to him.  You got a loan on one of your cars, that was originally paid off, to pay Johnny.  And now that car has been repossessed by the bank!  Hello!!  Wake up and smell the roses!!!  It’s plainly obvious to everyone else, except you and Gary, that Johnny is a scam artist and only keeps talking to you because he knows you’ll give him money.  If that doesn’t make you realize that this is all a big fat joke, then I don’t know what will.  But, deep down, we all know that it won’t make you realize it.  If you’ve already given him over $100,000 so far then what’s losing a car, right?

You could’ve bought a house for all the money that you’ve thrown away. You could have paid off a lot of your family’s debt with that money.  You could’ve bought about 750,962 cigarettes…you’d be in Heaven with all that.  You could’ve spent $100,000 on more junk to fill up your already hoarded house.  If I had an extra $100,000 to spend, just for spite, I would have rather bought you 200,000 cloves of garlic.  I would take personal time off from work to chop them all up to get them smelling really good and then I would deliver them to your house and leave them all at your front door.  Or I would buy 150,000 pounds of onions.  I would get myself a mask and some gloves and chop away…I think 75 tons of onions would do a better job getting the point across.  It makes me smile just thinking about it.

I don’t know why I let you bother me so much.  Well, I know exactly why it bothers me…because it stresses out my parents and they have to deal with your shit.  They’ve raised their kids and should now being enjoying their life without those kinds of stresses…but instead they have to babysit you and my grandfather.  You can’t be trusted, you lie about everything, they have to control your finances, they are stressed out with every thing that you do.  It’s just like a parent-child relationship.  The child is always trying to do things behind the parent’s back without them knowing and the kids always think that they can outsmart the parents.  Well, you are wrong!  You two are idiots!  And everyone sees it except for you.

I have always wanted to write a book, but I could never really think of a good topic.  As I get older I know exactly what could be a best-seller – a book about the life of my crazy grandmother!

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