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Photo of the Day “Hungry”

I needed to go to the grocery store, so I fed Cayden an early dinner and then we went to the store.  Whenever we are at home and she is hungry or wants something to eat, she will just open her mouth wide and expect us to give her something to eat.  If she sees anything she likes (which is just about anything…that child loves to eat) she just opens her mouth wide!  So, today at the store she would not keep her mouth closed…every aisle had something that she wanted to eat so she would just sit there and point at all the food with her mouth open!  So I took a picture:

The mouth

The main reason I went to the store was to get milk because we were out.  $100 later and after I got all the groceries and the kids in the car, I realized that milk was the one thing I forgot.  So I had to get the kids back out of the car and run in to get milk.  I was carrying Cayden and Ethan was walking behind me.  He said, “Mom, you don’t look like a mom from behind.”  I was wondering what he was thinking, so I asked him who I looked like.  He said, “I don’t know.”  I half-jokingly said, “Do I look like a teenager?”…not really expecting that he was thinking about that.  But he said, “Kind of!”…with that Ethan smile that told me was trying to give me a compliment but didn’t want to actually come right out and say it!  It made me smile…you really have to work to get a compliment from him 🙂