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Week #2 after THR

Saturday, 12/9

My husband’s birthday was today so I attempted to go out to eat with the family. I didn’t know what to take…the wheelchair, the walker, or crutches.  I decided on the wheelchair so that nobody could bump into me and so I wouldn’t look so awkward walking with the walker or crutches.  With the 20 minute car ride back and forth and then sitting with my feet down for over an hour, I was definitely hurting more than normal before we even left the restaurant.

Sunday, 12/10

Last night I didn’t sleep well but I think it was because I fell asleep early and didn’t take my last dose of pain medications.  I was able to stand up straight today! I had to hold my hand over the area of my incision but I was able to keep that leg straight while standing straight. I was beginning to think something was wrong because I couldn’t get my pelvis to get straight, but I think it will be fine.  Mackenzie noticed I was moving faster on the walker so that’s a good thing!

The skin around my incision is very, very itchy.  I think it’s just irritated with me taking off the bandage, but there is still a rash around the top of it.  I can’t wait until that is all healed.

Tuesday, 12/12

Getting a little better walking with the walker.  I opened my discharge package from the hospital and realized there were some exercises in there. Oooops!  I started doing those. Trying to cut back on medicine.  Thigh pain is a lot better. I went to dance class with my husband, just to watch. I miss dancing!

Wednesday, 12/13

Cutting back on medicine. My medicine is getting ready to run out so I’m trying to taper down on the dosages.  Today I only took 1 pain pill every 6 hours.

Thursday, 12/14

Post-op appointment. I saw the PA, who was awesome.  They took x-rays and said they looked good. She told me to start trying to use the cane and get rid of the walker.  She took the zip line off of my leg and realized how sensitive my skin was.  It was still very itchy and red where the previous bandage was removed a week ago.  She put a waterproof bandage on it to hopefully get the skin around the incision to calm down. I’m supposed to wear it until it just comes off on its own.  I finally got to see Dr. Singer and and talk to him since I hadn’t seen him since before the surgery.  Overall, it was a good visit.