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We went on a mini-vacation last weekend and it seems like it takes me a while after vacation to get back into the mindset of blogging again.  Even ever since before vacation things have been really busy and I just haven’t had much free time lately.  But, I’m finally back!

Last weekend we went to Tennessee with my husband’s family and we all stayed in a cabin.  We were only there for about 3 full days and Cayden had a high fever the last 2 days we were there, so she wasn’t feeling well and  didn’t sleep well at all.  So, we didn’t really get to do a whole lot.  I would like to go back up there when we have a few more days.  Anyway, she is fine now…we took her to urgent care the night we got home because I was worried that the fever was because of UTI (given her kidney issues).  They said it didn’t look like she had a bladder infection, but there was a virus going around where the kids will get a high fever for about 2-3 days and then break out into a rash (Roseola).  Sure enough, the next day her fever disappeared and she had a rash all over her back/stomach/face.  So, that was a relief and she’s back to normal.  Here are some pictures:


Here is Cayden throwing a fit when I probably told her “no” about something:

Cayden pouting

And here is Cayden throwing another fit and her cousin trying to talk to her 🙂

Cayden mad about something else

I’ve heard so much good things about the Apple Barn so we went here the first night we were down there.  Neither of us were pleased with the food.  We gave it another try and went to the other restaurant that served breakfast there and still wasn’t impressed.  The apple fritters were good, though!

Apple Barn
View from the back porch

We went to the Ripley’s Aquarium in Gatlinburg while we were down there:

The kids “underwater”

This shark looked kind of creepy to me…


And this shark just looks scary…

Scary-looking shark

And this shark just looks retarded…

Retarded-looking shark

These stingrays look like they’re just smiling at you in a weird way:

The family