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Hospital Trip #2, Day #13

I woke up this morning from another bad dream…the kind of dream where it’s just bad but you can’t remember the details.  It had something to do with a hospital and this is the second day in a row that it has happened.  It’s time to get out of here if this place is invading my dreams!

The first set of doctors to come through included the same doctor from yesterday (who asked about flatus!) but he had a whole new group of guys with him.  Later on, our nurse told us that there was a group of brand-new, first-year residents that started today and that’s who was in here.  She told us that we should’ve done something to scare them!  Luckily, they started when Mackenzie was feeling much better!  This morning the doctor told us that depending on how she did today, that we might could go home today.  He said they would stop the TPN and stop the pain pump and start oral medications.

Dr. Wattenbarger came in a little later with a new guy, too (I’m assuming he was brand new, too).  He checked on Mackenzie and was excited to see that she was doing even better than yesterday and said that he hoped we wouldn’t be here tomorrow when he stops by again.

Mackenzie didn’t want much to eat this morning…mornings are always the worst.  Getting up the first thing in the morning is the toughest and she is always much more sore and weepy then.  We did our lap and sat on the couch and when lunch finally came, she perked up and ate some corn.  She requested Starbuck’s but I ended up getting something for her from the Caribou Coffee that is downstairs and she drank a little bit of that.

The surgical doctors came in again and felt her stomach and asked more questions about gas and such.  They said that we will be here through tonight and they will see how she does with oral pain medicine.  Then tomorrow we’ll see how it has been going with eating and drinking and then talk about going home.

Our nurse came in around lunchtime to unhook her from the pain pump and the TPN and said that we could be going home today.  The nurses and doctors always have a different story!  I’ve definitely learned to not go on what one person says.  I mentioned to Amy (the nurse) what the doctors said and she said to just listen to what they said.  So…after some confusion, we are obviously here for the night (hopefully the last)!

As soon as Mackenzie was unhooked from everything, I finally got her in the shower.  It went “ok”.  At least she wasn’t in tears this time like she was the last time.  She still hated getting one, but I felt much better afterwards, even though she may not have!  I’m going to invest in a hand-held shower for home like they have here…they just make everything so much easier.

After the shower, physical therapy came in to check on how she was doing getting in and out of the bed (since that is what we’re still having trouble with).  She got in the bed ok by herself, but still needs help getting out.  PT cleared her for discharge, but we’re still working on getting her out of the bed by herself.

Now that she’s free from tubes and lines, I was able to wheel her down in the wheelchair to the cafeteria.  On the way in, we passed by Dr. Wormer – he was very excited to see her free from lines and smiling!  She wanted a salad so that’s what she got.  She ate about half of it and drank about half of a strawberry banana smoothie from McDonald’s 🙂

Getting ready for a ride in the wheelchair!
Getting ready for a ride in the wheelchair!

We walked around some and went up to the rooftop garden for a while.  We actually ended up going up there twice today!

When dinner came, she ate most of the chicken and all of her Jell-O.  Around 7:30pm, she was asking for more salad, so she ate another half of a salad.  I would say her appetite is definitely coming back!

They stopped the morphine pump around lunchtime today and since then she hasn’t had any medicine by mouth.  She is hard-headed about taking medicine by mouth so I doubt she will even want any.  She didn’t even take any by mouth after she had her back surgery.  Well, the few she did take came right back up so it couldn’t have helped any.  Today she’s only had pain when she laughs…which she is finally doing more of now, thank goodness!  Right now she only has the PICC line still in, but hopefully they will take that out in the morning.  At least tonight we don’t have the IV lines anymore, so we won’t be woken up all night with the beeping machines.

Pray that this is our last night in here!

All clean and free of tubes and lines!
All clean and free of tubes and lines!