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Tattoo Day

Today I went with my sister-in-law while she got her tattoo.  My husband and kids are out of town this weekend, so I figured I would go ahead and get one, too!  Her appointment was at 1:00 and they finally got started on her at about 1:30.  By 4:30 I was worried if I would get to leave with fingers intact because she was squeezing them so hard…just kidding Jacki, I promise it wasn’t that bad 🙂  They finished with hers around 5:00 and it turned out to be an awesome tattoo, in memory of her sister.

The girl that did the tattoo on my back (Hayley with Fu’s Custom Tattoo…who is awesome by the way if you’re in the Charlotte area) was not taking any new appointments right now and wasn’t planning on doing new consultations until the end of October.  So, I decided to  just go there as a walk-in and get one by someone else.  The tattoo shop was awesome…thankfully there wasn’t a wait.  I told the guy what I wanted, he drew it up, and we got started…

This picture below makes me laugh.  The lady to the left in the background got to stare at my butt for 45 minutes and her face is just priceless.

Getting started

Still smiling…

Almost done

And 45 minutes later…


That tattoo was the least painful out of my 3, by far.  There were a few times where it really stung for a second, but it really was bearable.  I love it!  I got it because I wanted something to remember Jeny by (not that I could forget her, but anyway).  I didn’t even know her but that experience has affected me so deeply and has been such a big part of my life.  That’s what I think my tattoos represent…each are something about huge parts of my life and I don’t regret getting any of them.