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Happy Birthday…well in a less than an hour it will be your birthday.  You are always on my mind more than usual this time of year.  It doesn’t make sense but I wanted to write a post/letter to you even though I know you can’t “see” it.  Just clicking on the “Publish” button is like sending mail…I just like to imagine that you can read it.  Then I decided that I shouldn’t write anything because I have no clue what to say, or exactly how to say what’s in my mind.

So, I decided to look through the WordPress blog of daily post ideas and clicked on one from last week that I never got a chance to read.  The post was about the “blogging mantras” of the writer – which were 1) Nothing is permanent, 2) Don’t panic, and 3) This is supposed to be fun.  Right as I was reading the section for “Don’t Panic” (which ironically is something I really need to remember at this time in my life), I noticed a picture that the blogger inserted into the post.  This was the picture:
Dubois road signOkay, Jeny, I hear you loud and clear!  I just had to stop for a second and thought this couldn’t be a real sign but after doing some research it seems like there are actually road signs like this in Pennsylvania.  And when I saw that the sign was pointing to Dubois, PA, which is where you are, it just gave me chills.  Out of all the posts I decided to click on and the one I decide to read has an arrow pointing to “you”…I was just shocked. But I love these kinds of “signs”, literally!  Keep them coming!  I knew then that I should just go ahead and write this post.

I’ll be visiting you in a few weeks…and please keep watching over my precious nephew, as I know you already have been.