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Week 1 after THR

Week #1 update.  I included most days of this week in my last post but since today is officially a week post-op, I’ll do a new post 🙂

Overall, this has been a much more painful recovery than I was expecting.  I don’t really know what I was expecting.  My first hip surgery was a pretty painful recovery, and I had heard that hip replacements were easier than that.  Not in my experience!  This surgery has taken 1st place by far in my list of most painful surgeries, and I’ve had several.

On Tuesday night I slept on the couch on my left side. It was so comfortable and it was the best I had slept.  Unfortunately the nights before and the nights since have not been like that.  I tried sleeping on the couch again Wednesday night and I guess at some point I went from my side to my back.  By the time I woke up and tried to move my leg, I just got searing/burning pains in my thigh and around the incision.  It was all I could do to try to lift my leg with my hands or try to move it with my other foot.  If I stay on my good hip all night, it will wake me up aching too.

I have learned that when I wake up in the middle of the night and want to surf Facebook (because that’s another lovely side effect of medication…it screws up your sleeping habits) that I just need to put the phone down when I feel myself start nodding off.  One morning I woke up and realized my phone was on my chest, open to one of my friends post, and I realized that I had left a comment that made no sense and attached a picture!  Thank God the picture was just a screenshot of a recipe I had in my phone and not something embarrassing!  That same night apparently I took screenshots of some pictures a friend had posted – I had 6 screenshots of the same picture!  It kind of scared me.  So, if you see comments from me at odd hours of the night that don’t make sense, just delete them. I apologize in advance lol

I’m still walking with the walker. The doctor said to use it for two weeks, but I still feel so slow with it.  I still have a bad limp even with it and I still can’t stand all the way straight up.  I know it’s only a week in but I feel like I’m not making any progress!

I had forgotten about the joys of anesthesia and pain medication messing with the digestive system…all the prune juice that I had been drinking and all the Colace and Miralax decided to all do it’s job yesterday, so that was good but absolutely miserable.  Trying to get to the bathroom in a hurry while using a walker isn’t easy 6 days post-op.  😉

Thursday my recliner was delivered!  Much easier to get in and out of after hip surgery. The power functions on it make it much easier on lifting the legs, too.

Today (Friday), I took the bandage off over my incision.  I got a bath earlier (unfortunately not a real bath)…Michael put my toilet seat riser in the tub so I could sit on something and I filled the tub up with water to my mid-calf so I can just pretend I was able to take a bath!  I miss taking baths. Anyway, afterwards I started taking the bandage off.  After ripping off some skin in the process and then eventually seeing what the incision looked like, I started feeling heat flashes and felt nauseous.  I told Michael I needed to get out of the tub because I didn’t want to pass out and fall in a tub of water. The incision looked awful to me. I know it’s very new and still healing but I just wasn’t prepared for it.  Apparently the new technology is a “zip line” type of closure for surgical wounds.  It looks like zip ties all the way down the incision.  Pretty cool actually.  I think what scared me when I first saw it was that I though the zip ties were somehow attached to the skin on each side. I started getting panicky because it looked like it would be painful to remove.  But after reading about it, they just remove the whole strip like a piece of tape.  Here is a picture:

Hoping for a better 2nd week!