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Cayden’s appointment

Cayden had her VCUG checkup this morning.  She did really good during the test, until we had to hold her down.  They gave her numbing medicine before they put the catheter in, so that seemed to help a lot.  They did the test and the radiologist said that it looked like the reflux has stayed the same and that her left kidney still had urine backing up into it.  We had her appointment with the doctor a few hours later and she told us that it looked like the reflux had gotten a tiny bit better.  She said it was very mild Level 2 reflux and that she thinks she’ll grow out of it as she gets older because it has seemed to improve since she was born.  She will stay on preventive antibiotics for another 6-9 months until we go back for another checkup and ultrasound.  The doctor wanted to keep her on the same dose of antibiotics so that she’ll gradually outgrow it over the next 6-9 months.  By that time the medicine won’t really be enough to help anything anyway, so the point is to gradually wean her off of it.  This is all assuming that she doesn’t have another infection.  If she starts having infections, then we’ll change the plan, but for now we’re trying the wait-and-see approach to see what happens.  I asked the doctor if they would do a repeat VCUG test, but she said with her reflux being mild now that she didn’t feel the need to do one (unless it suddenly gets worse for some reason).  She said the reflux itself wasn’t really a problem; it’s just that it could cause other issues (infections).

I’m glad that it didn’t get worse, but I still hate worrying about it.  I just wish she could be all better now and not have to worry that she’ll get really sick like she did last time.